How to Monetize Your Blog

If your blog is getting more than 5,000 visitors a day and you think now is the time to cash in, you may be mistaken! No, I’m not saying that you can’t make money by blogging but the thing is getting a descent number of visitors is never the criteria to monetize your blog.

I have seen many blogs that are just a few months old and are making thousands of dollars every month. Not every blogger is that lucky.

What would you have to do for being able to monetize your blog? Simple, you need to promote the content with a purpose of selling an item.

I’m not going into whole details of blogging but want to make you understand that it depends upon the kind of traffic your blog receives. You need to find out if your readers are looking for just the information or they are interested in buying something?

When you aim is to monetize your blog, you will need to understand various aspects of business blogging. Here is the how-to-do list:

1. Study Your Visitors

What do you think why are they visiting your blog- for information or buying something? Are they just the information seekers or can get interested in buying if you promote something.

Judge by their comments, their regularity and the interests they pursue. Engage them in a discussion and get to know them.

Your blog monetizing method and strategy depend upon the things they are ready to buy. Analyze whether they are looking to buy a product, service or concept. Try to get the right item in front of them.

2. Have a Plan

Let me first share some blog monetizing myths with you.

a)      Anyone receiving a descent amount of traffic can slap on the ads to monetize. Forget it!

b)      More is the traffic, higher sales you can make. No way!

c)       People do not buy from new bloggers. Wrong!

d)      All visitors are only information seekers. No!

There are many people who have just entered in the field of blogging and turned their blogs into a profitable venture because of their knowledge, creativity and right strategy.

The mantra is to have a solid plan to promote your blog. It’s true that you can’t jump start and achieve success overnight but a plan shows you a direction to move in. I don’t say that you should strictly follow it but keep a room for new things also. Be receptive to changes and make alterations in your plan accordingly.

3. Market Yourself from the Day 1

If you have a vision to monetize your blog, market yourself from the day 1. Invite guest blogs, comment on other blogs and build relationships with other bloggers.

This makes it easier for you to monetize your blog sometime in future.

4. Streamline Your Niche

Now what does that mean? I’m already targeting a particular segment and now you want me to further streamline it. Yes, that’s what I mean.

You niche contains both information seekers and buyers. Identify the buyers and focus more on their needs. Don’t neglect the information seekers but look out to start new sections for those who are interested in buying.

The process of monetizing a blog starts with identifying ‘who your visitors are’ and ‘what they are looking for’. When you know the answers of these questions, you can then decide a strategy and work on it to cash in.

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