How to get an Emotional Roller Coaster called blogging

Just when you think you’ve had enough of blogging and are ready to get off, you start receiving a few comments on your posts. This fills you with more excitement than ever and you’re all geared up to give it another shot.

Great, but the vice-versa is also true. When you think you have gained enough traffic and are ready to have easy marry-go-rounds, suddenly you notice a drop in readers’ comments. You again pull up your socks and start working hard to achieve the same status.

Welcome to the world of blogging! Let me tell you, it’s no less than an emotional roller coaster. Once you’re in, it’s not easy to fall out of the love for blogging.

I know it takes a lot of time and energy in building a blog and establishing a brand name but trust me it’s worth every bit you do.

I’ve been blogging for last two years and have had my share of ups and downs. I have had moments when I was knocked down and drove crazy. But I’ve also enjoyed the love and praises of my readers.

I’ve learnt a few things that kept me going no matter what. By this time, even you must have had your share of backwards and forwards. This is why I felt the need for sharing my success mantras with you.

Stay Strong and Keep Going!

Even after spending hours on your blog daily, you may not see the desired results. Get ready to be knocked down. Show some patience even if it doesn’t work.

My point is, don’t worry about traffic and readers comments. Just be consistent in maintaining good quality content and to your wonder things will work out definitely.

Focus on Building Relationships!

Do I look like a fool who wastes time on commenting on other people’s blog instead of creating content for mine? Bloggers shed that attitude right now! Relationships are important especially when you’re new in this field.

Engage with other bloggers, explore their posts and leave valuable comments. Try the hardest to make them visit your blog. Stats say this is one of the best ways to bring quality traffic to your blog.

Don’t Quit!

Blog, blog and blog! Yes, the mantra of success is not to quit. Even if you are discouraged, disheartened and dispirited, continue blogging. Focus on delivering quality and trust me your effort will definitely be recognized sooner than later.

Think of new ways to drive traffic and entice visitors. Pump out the blog posts on unusual topics that you’ve never seen on other blogs in your niche. What I would suggest you is keep experimenting no matter what.

So, next time when you feel depressed because no one is reading your blog, take a break. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Continue exploring new things and building on your relationships. Things will work in your favor.

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