How To Get Email Addresses For Email Marketing?

Since, an email is considered to be one of the most powerful marketing tools, you must wonder about How To Get Email Addresses For Email Marketing.  This is because emails have a viral potential and a widespread reach which allows you to market your products to a large number of prospective clients in an incredible manner.  However, one sad fact about email marketing is that about 25% of your online marketing database gets degraded annually.

This happens because your prospects may change companies or locations, do not make use of email communication anymore or simply make use of old and discarded email addresses for the purpose of filling out forms.  Hence, there arises a big need to consider the question of how to get email addresses for email marketing.

While trying to answer the question of how to get a huge number of email addresses, you can make use of any one of the below given methods to keep on adding fresh contacts to your otherwise degrading database for email marketing purposes.

Be Upfront And Simply Ask For The Email Address

The simplest way to get email addresses is by being upfront about it.  When your customers purchase something from your site, you can simply ask them to sign up, towards the end of the check out process.  In return for this, you can offer something valuable to them like free advice or tips, newsletters, or free information about a new service.

Popping up this big question 3-4 times in a day can add around 20-25 new email addresses to your database at the end of a given workweek and help you overcome the issue of getting email addresses to make bigger database.

Put Up Promotional Offers On Your Site That Deserve A Click

In an attempt to get a successful email marketing with a great list of email addresses, you can put up special offers or promotions on your site that will attract a lot of clicks, and hence sign ups.

Some people are quite wary in giving out their email addresses, so the offer should be worth the confusion.  But this should be done keeping in mind the effectiveness of the strategy as most of the signups will not get converted into long term customers.

Make Use Of Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have become one of the most powerful marketing platforms in today’s times.  So, putting up a simple sign up form on any of your social media accounts can help you increase the number of email addresses.

Be Honest About The Rented Consumer Lists

If in an attempt to solve the query of how to get email addresses for email marketing, you have rented any of the industry lists which consist of the names of those consumers who might have given consent for it, be forthright about the same.

This is because unless and until you are upfront with the consumer on how you got his/her email address, your relationship will have a bad start.

So, by following these simple methods or anything new that you can come up with, you can easily overcome the problem of how to get email addresses for email marketing and pave your way to become a successful online marketer.

Happy to have your words and suggestions that have became the road of your email marketing success.


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