How To Design The Best Homepage For Your Blog Sites?

Why is the best homepage sites design?

If your blog is just showing the latest post and nothing else on your homepage then obviously you are making a mistake.  You can’t afford to let your readers lost in an ocean of blog posts.

That is the point you should think again considering creating the Best Homepage Design For Your Blog Sites.

What To Choose Between Static Page Or Latest Posts For Your Blogs Homepage?

WordPress blog provides an option to choose either static page or latest posts page as a homepage.  You can find it via going on the dashboard of your wordpress admin panel, go to setting >> reading.

Static page is also just like another page of your website, which most bloggers named as home.  In order to make static page as a homepage, you would have to create content (post) and publish into it.

Whenever anyone browse your domain name or search the main keywords, they will be shown the same static page which you have created in order to provide appropriate information and links of other important pages.

Who Visits The Homepage?

There are mainly three kinds of visitors who often view the homepage or take a bit interest visiting the homepage.  They are:

Referred Visitors (first timer):  These are the visitors who have got the link of your homepage (root domain) on other sites or have heard about your site from friends and thus typing your domain such as

Second Page Viewers:  These are the visitors who came accidentally on your site and now interested to see what is in your website or blog.  Thus, the next page they will visit is definitely the homepage of your blog to find out more interesting thing offered by you.

Returning Visitors:  These are the visitors who have already found your site useful and returning to take more advantages from your sites.  They will most probably browse the domain or search the root keywords of your blog sites.

Design Ideas To Create A Professional Looking Homepage Of A Blog

1.         Able to answer the first question of all visitors:  What is for me here?

2.         Unique headline:  What is in your blog?  Is it beneficial for me to visit the blog?  Create an eye-catching headline that captures the attention of your visitors.

3.         Personalized image and video:  Your own image can build a thousand times more trust among the visitors.

4.         Call to action:  Tell your visitors what you want them to do on your blog.  For examples, request a free quote, register, subscribe, purchase, download, become a member, etc.

5.         Add your own Social Proof:  People would like to see your credibility and thus look for social proof.  Provide a few examples right in front of them.  For examples, what your clients say, testimonials, customers reviews, etc.

6.         Latest blog posts:  Provide links of other useful pages and latest blog posts.  Every page of your blog should be just under two to three clicks from the homepage of your blog.

7.         Add sitemap in the footer area:  It is possible that your visitors are trying to find more useful posts from your blog but unable to have that.  In such case sitemap is very useful as they provide links of all pages of your blog.


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