How to create interesting author bio

“My name is Jennifer. I’ve been blogging on fashion for last two years……………………………………………..

Please read my posts and don’t forget to leave a comment.”

Seriously. I’m not interested in knowing who you are. Don’t get me wrong. I just mean to say that this puts readers to sleep. If you want to keep them awake and engaged, spice up your bio.

Now don’t start blabbering about yourself but try to make it interesting. Put your details in such a manner that creates enough curiosity among readers to know more about you.

Why to Have an Interesting Author Bio?

Gone are the days when bloggers just needed to have a nice looking blog design and a .com name to establish trust among their readers. Now showing off who you are is required more than ever.

No matter how beautifully your blog has been designed and how well your headlines are written, you got to have an awesome bio to grab their attention and keep them interested in your blog.

Why should people visit your blog? Because you have the right solutions to their problems! Right, your bio box shows how capable you’re to answer their questions in your niche.

On the other hand, a bad bio box will do you more harm than good. If the author’s column on your blog sucks, believe me you won’t see them visiting your blog again.

As blogging has become more complex than ever and is about building relationships, you need to let readers show your face, know about you and interact with you.

What you need to tell them?

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Why should readers visit your blog

I know there is nothing new in it and whoever writes an author’s bio all includes these details. The only thing is that you should keep away from ordinary and boring bio.

How do you tell your readers about you? “I blog on latest fashion.” No, they don’t want this.

With so many fashion blogs on internet, readers are not interested in knowing what you write about. Rather they are looking for particulars and are keener in knowing how it is different from others.

Writing an author box is just like blogging about self. Sharing your interests and areas you focus on in your blog make your readers connect with you faster. They want to know you on a personal level, beyond your blog.

Be You!

That’s right! Share your personality and ideology with your readers but be transparent and unbiased. Write some real thing and let readers like your honesty.

Avoid projecting yourself a super intelligent and smart person. Everyone knows you’re not perfect. Share your real life experiences and failures you came across while experimenting with new things. Tell them how things fell out of place and finally how you made them work.

The idea is to establish the trust first. Let people know that there is an ordinary person behind your blog who just looks like them and meets failures as everybody does.

But also tell them that how your consistency and persistence brought you at your current status. Your readers want to learn from you. So, make your bio box a place where they would love to come again and again to get some inspiration.

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