How to create an interesting blog?

Does Your Blog Look Like a Novel? There is nothing wrong with your blog if it looks like a novel.

I’m only concerned about how it presents itself. I mean whether it entertains your visitors and compels them to read till last or fondles readers making them quickly press on the cross button on extreme right hand side of their browsing window.

What’s behind the titles on your blog- a hi-fi and extremely informative article or a super interesting post that raises curiosity among readers, shorts stories that make no sense or long essays that readers don’t bother to read till last?

By the way, what about the theme of your blog? Does it have a zoomed photo of that red sports car you wish you could buy? I know your blog has nothing to do with the cars. It’s just that you can’t get over your obsessions. I understand.

No, I don’t. I mean I can’t believe my eyes that they just saw this. I don’t really feel like exploring such blogs where I end up thinking, “What was that”.

Choose your theme carefully. Customize it vigilantly. Pick a nice novel cover, I mean the theme of your blog. Get rid of lame and distracting applications.

Don’t make it look as if your kid brother has splashed the colors on it and pasted an image to make it look as funny as possible.

How to create an interesting blog?

1. Content

Make sure that your blog post is interesting enough to make visitors read them till the end and informative enough that they can get answers to all their questions.

These days, information is rather small, precise and crisp; however, it is good to create a plot and interesting story revolving around the concept. This helps you connect with the readers. A plain article with just the information, sometimes, brings boredom.

The key is to get readers involved, help them stretch their imagination and make them relate to their daily life. Length doesn’t matter as long as it is an interesting read.

2. Sequence of the Events/Posts

Like in every interesting novel, sequence of the events plays an important role. Similarly, in your blog, the progression and succession of posts is of great significance.

Avoid making it look haphazard. Post consistently and maintain a balance. Do not bombard your audience with frequent posts. It scares them away discouraging them not to read your blog.

3. Theme

Unless you created your theme yourself, no one is really interested in what you have used. So, keep it simple with a light background and black text.

Take special care in keeping the fonts, colour and size consistent throughout your blog. The background can have a generic picture related to the purpose of the blog and type of content it features.

If you can’t do this, it won’t look like an interesting novel rather it will be just another blog on internet that has unnecessarily acquired space.

So, inform and entertain your readers and make your blog a success.

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