How To Create A Sticky Site

What makes a site more sticky?  How to make a sticky site?  Do I need my site to be sticky?  What if my blog is not sticky?  These are the buzz which has been going around quite a while.  So, is it really that much important to Create A Sticky Site?  And, the simple answer is yes you have too.

The first question you should have “what does mean a sticky site?”  By “sticky” it means opportunities to create user’s self interaction, more quality content, free tools, games, quizzes, videos, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Sticky Sites?

The more interactive your site is to users the more successful your site would be.  Success comes with user’s interaction.

The benefits of a sticky site are the first people will share your site with friends, share your website link to another websites, and most importantly these are the signals to Google that your site is an authority site.

Let me ask you a question “how much do you really want to read just plain text on a site?”  Really as long as you get informed of the topic and if there is nothing more on the site, you would definitely move onto other sites.

Factors That Influences A Site To Be More Sticky

Remember it is the process of creating a unique site in your niche or just the best site in your niche.


One of the biggest factors of sticky site is content.  Your site should have content in a wide range of topics, well written, well informed, well formulated, and the content which are really-really beneficial to users.


Along with text, a video can influence your users to stick there.  Not only a YouTube video will engage people but your YouTube video will get more views, thus your YouTube channel would become more popular and more authorized.


I am wondering why a “ratio analysis” or “ratio and formula calculator” sites are not providing a simple tool to calculate things.  If your site provides a tool then what would happen is people would play with that tool and share with their friend.

This would be your simple investment on creating a script for the tool, but would return you even more than that.

White Papers

People would love to read PDF books in their own real time even while they are disconnected to the Internet.  White paper would be a great tool for your blog.

Comparison Tables

Comparison tables such as salary comparison, price comparison, products comparison, quality comparison, quantity comparison, time-interval comparison, etc. would go nicely in terms of creating a sticky website.  What would happen is that people even can bookmark your site to come back and share with friends.

Summary Of A Sticky Site

Above all are general advices.  The idea is to let you know how you can make your site sticky to users.  It is THE important thing which every online marketer should consider.  Just plain text is not enough to engage people around.  Find out some different ways that can set apart your sites and blogs in your niche market.


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