How Much Content Should You Be Using On Your Blog Sites?

Have you ever thought about the amount of content that you have on your blog site?  Have you ever worried that the amount of content on your blog is too high or too low?  If yes, then this post is exactly for you because I am going to exactly represent the fact regarding the amount of content such as how much content should you be using on your blog sites.

Yes, it is important to know that is your blog covered all the associated (relevant) topic of your niche.  Don’t get afraid about the term “niche”.

A niche is simply the theme or topic that you are blogging on, for example, digital marketing, social media marketing, artificial jewelry, entertainment, sports, or anything that the primary motive of your blog is.

It is too hard to explain how much content you should have on your blog, but the fact is the more content your blog have the much higher ranking it would achieve in search engines.  Depends on your goal of blogging and niche, it would be okay to publish content daily, weekly, or even sometimes monthly basis.

What About A One Page Blog Site?

As I said above, it depends on the topic (niche) that you have selected for your blog.  I have seen so many one-page sites that are both ranking well in search engines as well as getting too much visitors.

For example, if the topic of a blog is “how to download YouTube video on your computer” then what you think, is it not enough to cover the topic in full in just one page.  Of course, there is no need to create another post for the same topic.  It can nicely be covered in a just one page site.

As we know Google ranks pages, not sites, thus a one page site can also rank well if properly structured (both content and backlinks).

What About 1000 Pages Blog Site?

It is a replication of one page sites.  You should create content as long as there is room to create another articles in your niche as well as explore some other areas to create content that can add some another value to your blog site.

There are niches (market) that require endless amount of content to fulfill the purpose of sites, for example, thousands upon thousands pages are required to cover the “health market and digital market”.

Analyze The Performance Of Your Blog Site

The process is endless.  Content never get expired nor useless unless it has some value.  You should see the potential of visitors, the amount of visitors your site is currently getting, and the quality of visitors plus the time they spend on your site.

If things are going all well and getting expected return out of your blog, then obviously you should not stop with your content.  Try to give more updated value to your readers with updated tips and ideas on the topic.


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