For What Purpose One Can Use Email Marketing?

A business person can better understand their own purpose of email marketing.  There are so many purposes one can use email marketing when chosen the online platform for online business and marketing.  Purposes could be such as building relationships with clients and customers, driving traffic to a website, creating a huge list of potential customers (buyers), tracking conversion rates to analyze the progress, etc.

Permission Based Email Marketing

One should first understand the difference between permission marketing and email marketing.  The basic concept of email marketing starts with a list of emails (email address of online customers).  Have you asked yourself ever from where one can have that list of emails?

Here comes the fundamental of permission marketing:  Please read the Seth Godin’s report.  Though, you can also buy that email list to use in your marketing, but remember nether they know you or you know them.

Creating a list of emails should be ideal if done with the basics of permission marketing and for that you should have an opt-in box on your site.  Let the customers leave you their email.  By this way they are agree to take emails from you regarding updates and offers.

But the question is not to create an email list rather for what purpose one can use email marketing.  As I said its you who have to decide the purpose of email marketing such as would you like to sell your products, services, ideas, concept, your blog traffics, newsletters, affiliate promotions, etc.

Different Purposes Of Email Marketing That One Can Use

Though there are so many different purposes, here a few of them to use for email marketing which might be your own purpose too:

Building A List Of Customers

You can instantly send your message through an email to anyone.  The beauty is your message can be sent directly to your subscriber’s inbox regardless of having an email list of thousands or millions of people.  This itself reduces your time and cost in respect to going directly to each and everyone to tell your message.

Driving Traffic To A Website

Email marketing is another good way to drive traffic to your website and blog.  Every time you publish something new on your website or blog, people get an email with link of your post and potentially they can visit your site.  Remember have chosen to take updates from you.

Building Relationships With Clients And Customers

Every business wants to keep the conversation with their potential clients and customers.  Building relationships become very beneficial when they care for the likes and dislikes of their clients and customers.  That helps in improving the quality of products and services.  A satisfied client and customer wouldn’t let you go by the way.

Increasing Sales Conversion And Repeating Sales

Email marketing not only can increase your sales conversion but also repeating sales.  Repeating sales are more important for any successful business because you can create another list of that customer who is a second time buyer.  By this way you can narrow down your list of email into good, better, and best for different purposes with different products and services.


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