How To Use Email Marketing To Enhance Customer Loyalty And Engagement?

Every time when you open your email inbox, you find that everyone is using email marketing as a marketing tool.  I also see so many useless emails in my inbox that I would not even want to click on.  By the way, I can simply say it’s a misuse of email marketing.  If so then how to use email marketing to enhance customer loyalty and engagement?

Smart question ! in the previous posts there is a discussion on permission based email marketing that is know your email marketing purpose and the other one is signal to noise ratio marketing.  There was a reason (signal) when people hit the button to send you their email, but now what happened is that they feel bad (noise) looking at your email.

In order to enhance customer loyalty and engagement, you should know the purpose of email marketing, keep your purpose on task, keep your purpose on a personalized way, keep your purpose timely, and make your purpose appealing.

The Purpose Of Email Marketing

Your customer would be more loyal and engaged when they see some signal into your emails, a signal that motivates to click.  You have already gain trust from the customers (the reason why they have sent you their email address), now it’s time to keep them motivated with some different offerings.  Your purpose can be a good motivator for them because ultimately everyone buys and sells sometime.

Keep Your Purpose On Task

Be clear and honest with your customers.  Tell them upfront what you are going to do and how often you will be in their inbox and for what reason.  Tell your schedule to them in the very first email.  If you are going to deliver weekly newsletter, highlight the titles of the next emails.  Don’t keep your subscribers in dark to feel like a spammer.

Keep Your Purpose On A Personalized Way

Think your subscribers as a valuable asset.  So, treat them like you know them.  Providing personal authority to a person is the better way to create a signal.  In order to keep your purpose on a personalized way, you can start your email like a letter with the first line like “Hey Jose, thanks for subscribing my weekly newsletter, etc.”

Keep Your Purpose Timely

Again the time is also very much important for the success of an email marketing as well as getting customer loyalty and engagement.  Never break the promise.  Stay present on time.  You never know who is waiting for your email and refreshing their browser every five minutes.  If you will not be there on time, you might lose them.

Make Your Purpose Appealing

Gaining TRUST of your subscribers would be more appealing than anything else, but how to gain trust is a question.  All the points above discussed are in the sense of appeal.  An option to “unsubscribe the email anytime” can make your email even more appealing.  Provide appropriate contact information and own introduction.