Avoid Looking Desperate and Frantic on Your Blog

In the race of building buzz and staying on the top, most of the bloggers lose way and end up getting caught in the madness of achieving social media success. Result- readers start unsubscribing from their blogs!

If you also run a blog and are struggling hard to make your visitors stay- stop for a moment and understand what exactly they look for. Avoid looking desperate and frantic on your blog all the time.

I know you want to promote yourself and establish as a brand. Fine, but keep in mind that readers are looking for simple and short solutions to their problems. They are not concerned who you are and why you blog. They will come back to your blog only if they feel connected.

If you still do not agree with me, browse internet and look for reports on how people are blocking the annoying persons and streamlining their privacy.

Let me be more specific and list a few things that you should strictly avoid while blogging.

1. Do Not Fake Things

That’s surprising; I never realized that this could happen before I checked the statistics in a report on social media gaming. People can resort to anything when it comes to creating a buzz and attract more readers.

Let me tell you that this is a big no-no on social media. Do not fake things or create unnecessary hypes. You may fetch a lot of visitors by doing this. But when they visit your blog and do not get anything substantial, you take it from me in writing that they will never visit it again.

2. Don’t Let Social Media Fatigue Show in Your Posts and Comments

You must be tired of trying hard to get links on your blog or enticing visitors. I understand. But just for the sake of retaining a visitor, do not let your comments and posts show in the fatigue and exhaustion you’re going through.

I would rather suggest you to maintain your temper and have patience. You can try inviting some guest posts and seek help from friends.

3. Don’t Try to be Just Everywhere

Do you have an account on every social media platform available on internet? If yes, let me tell you that it is not doing any good to you. In fact, it is ruining your image. Don’t try to be everywhere just for the sake of getting links to your blog.

What I suggest you to do is- select a few reputed platforms/sites/networks and focus on building trust before promoting your blog. The idea is first establish yourself and then your blog.

4. Do Not Comment on Every Post

If you are in a habit of commenting on every post on the spot- stop right away! This shows that you are too desperate to get links on your blog. Many a times, this can be very annoying and instead of promoting yourself, you end up discouraging people to stay away.

By this, I don’t mean to say that you shouldn’t comment on blog posts. I’m just saying take time in leaving comments. Draft your answer carefully and analyze if it is in sync with the theme of the blog post and the existing comments. Avoid doing anything just for the sake of participating in a discussion.

Are you already observing these cautions? Do you know about other blogging no-nos? I would love to hear from you.

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