Digital Lifestyle Outfitters Review

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters or DLO is a privately held consumer electronics company which was founded in the year 2001.  Are you looking for digital lifestyle outfitters review?  Digital lifestyle outfitters began its operations by manufacturing the world’s first sport case for iPods.  And it was not long before the highly experienced and professional team started pouring in new ideas and the company moved beyond the foray of iPod cases.

Many revolutionary ideas were put forth like introducing TransDock which is the complete iPod solution for your car and also Home Dock Deluxe which was the first of its kind iPod dock for complete home entertainment with an on-screen navigation system.

Out of all the products manufactured by digital lifestyle outfitters, Home Dock is considered to be one of the most popular and widely sold systems.  With the help of digital lifestyle outfitters Home Dock, you can easily connect your home theater system or stereo to your iPod b making use of standard RCA cables.

However, this dock is different from others in the sense that it can also be connected to a powered pair of speakers.  Any iPod which comes with a dock connector, such as iPod mini, video or nano, can be easily connected to the digital lifestyle outfitters Home Dock.

A secure fir between the two objects is ensured by the presence of an adjustable backrest. When the dock is not being used, the wireless remote can be placed on the dock, in the slot provided for the purpose.

The digital lifestyle outfitters dock comes in stylish silver and black designs, which is bound to blend well with most kinds of stereo systems available nowadays.  Also, contrary to most of the existing docking systems, the digital lifestyle outfitters’ Home Dock has a raised iPod connector which allows you to connect your iPod to the dock without removing its protective case.

In addition to this, the inbuilt charging system of the dock allows your iPod to get charged while being docked.  Apart from the power supply option, you can also sync your pictures, video files and music to a laptop or desktop by making use of the USB connection.

The biggest and most obvious benefit of purchasing the digital lifestyle outfitters Home Dock is that it allows you to channel music to a powerful set of speakers or a stereo from your iPod.

However, you can also enjoy the additional benefit of earning the envy of your neighbors by showing them videos or pictures of your recent vacation by connecting your iPod to a TV set. This is made possible due to the presence of S-video and composite video ports in the digital lifestyle outfitters Home Dock.

Digital lifestyle outfitters have successfully forayed into the domain of consumer entertainment accessories which are being sold all throughout the world.   Anything that you require, right from cases to mobile speakers, digital lifestyle outfitters is the right company to approach.

Our day to day lives have been tremendously changed due to the advent of consumer electronics like digital cameras, computers, mobile phones and music players and this digital revolution is being led by none other than DLO.


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