Buzz Marketing Definition

As per the Buzz Marketing Definition, it is one of the most popular techniques of viral marketing that attempts at making each consumer encounter to appear as an information exchange session that is spontaneous and unique, as against the traditional calculated marketing pitch. Historically, the buzz marketing has a very historical connotation to it.

What Is Buzz Marketing?

Information regarding a particular service or product is revealed by the advertiser to only a selected group of people.  This target audience is purposely selected as it consists of people who have a strong influence over their peers.  Hence, the buzz marketing definition points out to a word of mouth campaign which is carried out in a sophisticated manner.

Although, buzz marketing definition has been in existence since quite some time and is not something newly discovered but the advent of internet technology has altered the manner in which it is now being used.

Buzz marketing techniques have now developed a widespread approach with campaigns being initiated in internet chat rooms where the representatives pitch their business by taking up an identity that suits the needs of the available audience.

Examples Of Buzz Marketing

Another popular media which has expanded the approach of buzz marketing ideas is Blogs or Personal Web Logs. In this, authors of the most appropriate kinds of blogs are approached and advertisers decide a mutual trade off with them for the promotion of their own business.

Additionally, IM applications are also being increasingly used to carry out an effective marketing campaign wherein pitching is done either by IM bots or real humans.

So, in short, buzz marketing is not a simple statement giving out the objectives of this form of marketing. In fact, the definition of buzz marketing entails a long list of methods in which you can successfully carry out your online marketing campaigns.

Advantages Of Buzz Marketing

The biggest advantage with a buzz marketing campaign comes in terms of the face to face interaction with your clients and customers.  Where marketing companies spend lavish amounts of money to increase their visibility, you can achieve this target for free through a simple face to face meeting.

However, your own credibility plays a very crucial role in this process.  As per the available marketing statistics, it has been proven beyond doubt that the effectiveness of word of mouth campaign is much more than other popular marketing media like TV commercials.

Also, the buzz marketing has taken a new form due to the technological developments which has resulted in easy and quick transmission of messages, news, events and updates along with pictures or videos.

Buzz Marketing Processes Reveal

Similarly, the word of mouth can also be practiced in a more widespread territory by means of emails, blogs, websites, text messages, chat rooms and message boards.  The introduction of consumer electronic devices like blackberry mobiles and pda phones has helped in easy access of internet and thus, faster and larger growth of the marketing campaigns.

So, whenever somebody asks you about the buzz marketing definition, you can not only explain the entire process in detail but must also share your own personal experiences of carrying out a successful buzz marketing campaign.


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