Is Following a Blogging Schedule Messing Up with Your Creativity?

Do you feel burdened by following a blogging schedule? Is sticking to a to-do list robbing you of your creativity and impulsiveness?

“The only way to keep your readers hooked is to follow a blogging schedule no matter what”, advised veteran bloggers when I started blogging two years ago.

I religiously followed it for a few months but gradually I started hating following the rules. What I hate the most is meeting deadlines- doing something just because I have to.

Soon I realized that it was messing up with my creativity. I was so irritated that for the next one month I did not write at all. Blogging had lost all the charm for me.

I know consistency is important because your readers wait for your posts. But it does more harm than good if it snatches your creativity, your passion, your originality!

Readers are not looking for anything that is randomly served on their platter. They are interested in details- something that is valuable, something that they can relate to.

I no longer stick to blogging schedules and write as and when I feel like. If you’re not convinced with this, let me tell you what harms blogging schedule can do to you.

1. Makes You Feel Bored

Like any other conventional job, blogging daily or following schedule can tire you out. It restricts you to do what you want to do. It seems like another nine-to-five job that causes unnecessary wear and tear.

2. Blocks Your Creativity

If you consistently follow a blogging schedule, it robs you of your creativity, spontaneity and naturalness. And your posts too look like just any other piece of content on internet.

3. Dispirits You to Experiment

By following schedules, you stop thinking out of box and experimenting with new things. It becomes almost impossible to change our perspective. Besides, we are afraid of trying out new things just because it causes deviation in the way we have been doing things for years.

Now let’s take a look on the other side of it. What we can gain by not following a blogging schedule?

1. Improves Quality

If you write just one or two posts a week instead of seven, chances are that they will be of better quality.

2. More Comments

Your readers won’t feel like commenting if you bombard them with articles every day. It’s good to post on your blog in gaps so that they take interest in reading and writing comments.

3. More Ideas

You fall short of ideas when you write daily. But if frequency decreases, you can write more elaborately upon new topics.

4. Readers Actually Read Your Posts

No matter how good your content is, readers won’t read it on daily basis. To make them read every post, don’t post too frequently.

Yes, planning your article is important but frequent blogging or following blogging schedules strictly won’t let you discover new aspects.

I broke the conventions and made my way. Believe me, I’m loving it. Do you want to give it a try?

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