Blogging mistakes you should avoid

What Makes Your Blog Look Unprofessional?

Is it the design, textual content, layout or unnecessary pop-up that makes your blog look highly unprofessional? In a race to be unique, we sometimes end up making umpteen numbers of mistakes that can affect the ranking of the blog.

You can easily get under the suspicion of search engines and get into trouble if you are not clear on the basic blogging essentials. In this article, I’m discussing a few bad practices that can ruin your blog and bring it a bad name. Let’s find out what you need to get rid of immediately to make your blog look more professional.

Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

1. Confusing Blog Layout

Do you think your visitors will like the layout of your blog? What look and feel does it give when you visit your blog? In the desperation of looking different, you end up choosing a confusing layout that doesn’t go well with the theme of your blog.

When judging your blog, pretend to be an outsider and point out what all flaws it has. Consider the kind of audience you’re targeting. It is good to remember the niche you’ll be aiming at while choosing a layout for your blog.

2. Unnecessary Pop Ups

What annoys you the most when you visit a site or blog? I bet, unnecessary pop ups, gift baskets and prize notifications top the list. Intrusive ads that keep running or highlighting on your blog especially around the buttons/navigations can turn off your visitors.

They visit your blog because your posts may offer them some valuable insights or answers to their questions. It is good to keep the layout as simple and free of pop-ups as possible.

3. No Regular Updates

Why do you complain that no one is visiting your blog when you don’t bother to update it regularly? What will people visit it for?

Readers will want to visit your blog only if they see regular updates on it. Outdated information and sporadic posts- both make readers take your blog lightly.

The ideal thing is to maintain a consistency in your posts without showing up on your creativity and spontaneity. You can brew up an idea and pour it on a worksheet as and when you feel like but post only when it is the right time.

4. Ugly Design

Appearance does matter. I’ve been repeating it time and again. Your blog shouldn’t only be a collection of posts that provide genuine information to your readers. Rather it should also treat their eyes. A good design will make them stay on for long compelling them to explore other webpages too.

An ugly design makes reading difficult and uninteresting. Create a design that immediately impresses the visitors.

5. Distracting Social Media Buttons

I know you don’t want to leave any stone unturned to connect with your readers. You want them to share your posts and promote them on various social media platforms. But too many social media buttons can distract them.

It’s advisable to choose only those platforms that are very popular and can give good results. You can rely on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

Go through these points and identify what mistakes you are making while blogging. Share with us if you can count any other point that makes a blog look unprofessional.

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