Say Yes to These Blogging Essentials

This article is for you if you think you are unable to hit the stride or fail to make desired impression on your blog visitors. Through this, I’m going to talk about a few blogging essentials that can solve your problem to a much extent.

So, without delay, let me give you a quick rundown of my blogging fundamentals. I would love to hear from you if you have anything to share or add to the list.

Blogging Essentials

1. Content

What do people come to your blog for? Of course, to read the posts, gain some knowledge and find the answers to their questions!

It makes sense that you have valuable content on your blog that provides authentic and genuine information to your readers. Besides this, constancy in posts is also required. If there is any delay due to any unavoidable reasons, communicate the readers revealing the reason of delay.

Here is the checklist I’ve compiled for this category:

  • Are your posts short, crisp and relevant?
  • Is your content unique?
  • Do your posts have compelling titles?
  • Do you stick to your posting schedule or maintain consistency in blog posts?
  • Do you allow time to readers to understand and digest the post?
  • Are you able to make readers imagine, think and feel a part of it?

Work hard to fulfill all these criteria to make your blog a success. Remember there is no shortcut. Get ready to put in the time and effort it requires.

If your answer to all these questions is ‘yes’, you can move on to the next step.

2. Layout

No doubt, visitors come to read your blog. But the layout of your blog plays an important role in enticing them and compelling them to explore other links too. It enhances the visibility as well as readability of your blog posts.

Remember to consider these points while deciding a layout for your blog:

  • Does your blog have a clean design?
  • Have you carefully placed the logo on your blog?
  • Do templates, titles and colors complement the theme and purpose of your blog?
  • Is your blog able to convey the purpose clearly even to a first time visitor?
  • Have you carefully defined the sections on your blog?
  • Does you blog have your contact information?
  • Does the layout and design of your blog enhance the readability of your content?
  • Is it free from all distractions, unwanted pop ups?

A great layout can hold the visitors compelling them to read other posts as well. Make sure that it goes well with the central idea of the content.

3. Call-to-Action

What is the main purpose behind blogging? You want to entice visitors, make them read your posts and invite them to contact you.

Consider the following checklist to establish a relationship with your readers:

  • Does your blog post give your readers an opportunity to connect and give useful feedback?
  • Is comments section properly maintained?
  • Are comments duly answered?
  • Does it allow your readers to register for free?
  • Can your readers connect with you for consultation?
  • Is there any provision for readers to subscribe for the newsletter?

Say yes to these blogging essentials and get ready to be a better blogger!

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