Symptoms of Blogging Conformity- Identify If You’re a Sufferer

The other day when I was browsing the internet, I came across something that I’d never heard of before- Blogging Conformity. I wondered if something like this really existsDoes something of this sort exist?

I went on reading the articles by psychologists and well known writers and was surprised to find that almost every blogger is suffering from this disorder. This is why I felt the need of sharing this with you.

Blogging Conformity is something that is causing stress to the most of the people who are in this field. It is so depressing to see the level of conformity in people who are associated with some or other social media.

Okay, let me now unveil what actually I’m talking about!

Let us first understand what conformity is.

Conformity means to obey established rules and stated standards just because they are universal norms. Let me put it in a simpler way. It is doing things in a traditional way that is professed publicly acceptable.

Are you still thinking how it is affecting the current blogging scene?

Let me explain it to you.

Blogging conformity refers to the tendency of bloggers to stick to the same established patterns in the field because they feel it might work for them as well.

They neglect their own passions and lack innovation and work in way that is predetermined. Most people enter in this field not because they actually love blogging. But the reason behind them opting for this is the success of others.

In their pursuit of experiencing success and making money by blogging, they end up getting in a trap by delivering content like everyone else’s. They are blind enough to see that joining the movement won’t do much good to them.

But the truth is you can’t experience real success when you are not able to identify your own passion. When you follow something other than your passion, it makes you dependent on other’s ideas.

How to know that you are suffering from Blogging Conformity? Here I’m listing a few common symptoms.

Blogging Symptoms

1. You can’t conceive your own idea of success

Absolutely! When you don’t know what your idea of success is, it means you’re suffering from conformity. You’re blogging just because it’s in trend and if clicked, it can be a money minting machine.

What most people do is steel ideas from here and there, copy content from other websites and blogs and create their own. Despite knowing that you have no interest in that particular topic, you still run a blog on it. Why? Because everyone is doing this and making money!

If this is the truth, you suffer from blogging conformity.

2. Fear of Breaking the Rules/ Stated Standards

Sufferers of conformity fear from breaking the rules or stated standards. Remember innovation doesn’t need to adhere to guidelines and regulations. It is something that comes from within.

If you fear from testing your own ideas and stick to what is socially accepted, you suffer from conformity.

3. Dependency on Other’s Products or ideas

When you have nothing new to offer, it shows you have dependent on other’s ideas which is nothing but conformity.

How to Cure Blogging Conformity?

Innovation is the key. Bring in new ideas, work on them, talk differently and most importantly, break the rules if it is the need of the hour. Don’t just stick to old standards and conventions that have been there for ages.

Understand what do you like and identify your passion. Don’t expect success overnight.

You’ll be thrashed, smacked or broken down but what you have is original, you sure are going to make a way.

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