Blogging 101 – The Smart Passive Income Ideas

There are plenty of passive income ideas online.  Smart passive income is what which does not require your real time presence.  Blogging 101 is an information product which facilitates your smart passive income depends on your hard work.

I would like to show an idea that needs one time setup and a little of maintenance that will bring you passive income automatically.

Blogging is an idea that works like an automated system in the sense of generating smart passive income.  You might have heard so many times about blogging and also have heard people are making money with blogging.

Biggest Problems In Blogging Journey

But, from where to start and how to setup a blog is the biggest hurdle in your journey.  I will show you how you can setup your own blog in just about 10 minutes and at the same time how you can plan a good blog in less than one day.

The success of blogging depends on the amount of content (information) published on the blog.  In spite of having lots of information (already written articles on too many topics), people often fail only due to the lack of blog setup.

I have detected this problem in so many people.  How to really jump start into blogging?

The blogging problems can be detected at various stages, for example:

1.         How to setup a blog (which I have discussed earlier).

2.         Content (information) ideas.

3.         Promotion ideas.

4.         Monetization ideas.

These (above 4 problems) are the biggest problems which you would have to successfully solve to make one of the best passive income ideas to be possible.

How To Solve These Blogging Problems?

Problem #1:  How To Setup A Blog:  To setup a blog, you need to have one domain name and second web host.  Why own domain name and web host or why not free blog?

Well, the smart answer is very simple first if this blog would have used free blog such as wordpress then the URL looked to be like instead of  Which one is smart?

And, you cannot customize enough your blog using free blogs or you cannot use other useful plugins if you are using free blogs.  Plus the biggest point, you cannot make passive income at all with free blogs simply because it does not support advertising.

So, I would advise you to solve this problem first and to do so go to for domain name registration and for web hosting.

Problem #2:  Content ideas:  Either you can write articles by your own or can hire a freelancer to write content for you.

Problem #3:  Promotion ideas:  There are certain processes to create awareness among people about your blog such as SEO (commenting on other blogs and other link building methods), social media interaction, etc.

Things are very easy to do so you can do by your own or can hire people who can do things for you such as SEO specialists.

Problem #4:  Monetization ideas:  For online publishers (bloggers), Google AdSense seems to be one of the best passive income ideas, but there are so many other monetization ideas which you can implement, for example, affiliate programs, sponsored programs, link ads programs, etc.

Hope you can now be able to start your own blogging journey very successfully and make smart passive income to be real one ideas.

If anything seems unusual or yet having problems either in setup, feel free to leave a comment.

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