Sidebars on Your Blog – How Do They Look?

Perfect name, amazing content, brilliant functionality! Ok, you’re all set to promote your blog now. I know, you’ll have a great time blogging but only if you could remove those dull sidebars on your blog.

Will your readers like looking at your blog? Small yet profound question!

“Does appearance matter?” asked a friend of mine.

“Yes, it does. You don’t want any distractions to your readers when they explore your blog. Do you? I replied.

Sidebars, if not chosen carefully can give your blog an unpleasant look. Most of times, they have unrelated images, links and videos that visitors are not interested in. This can turn them off.

The idea is not to allow any crap to show on your blog. There is no harm in keeping the sidebars but only if they are relevant and complement the appearance of the blog and its theme.

Things can be other way around too!

Your readers might get more interested in sidebars than the main content. In this case also, the whole purpose of blogging is defeated.

By removing a sidebar from your blog, you can actually help readers to focus on the blog posts. Believe me, I’m not exaggerating.

Let me ask you, how many time has it happened that you clicked on the links given in the sidebar instead of reading the main content while visiting the other blogs? If I’m not wrong, this is exactly what happens in most of the cases’ we admit or not.

Make Visitors Read the Content

No matter whether you’re writing for earning money or it’s just your hobby, at the end of the day you have a strong desire to get the readers for whatever you are writing.

And for that, you not only need to have effective and engaging content but also have to get rid of all the distractions that can make readers disinterested in your offerings.

Removing sidebars is a smart way to make readers focus only on content. It’s even more paying if there is only black text on white space without any pop outs and other embellishments.

Sidebars Not Only Mean Slabs or Blocks on Both Sides of the Blog

Remember, sidebars not only mean the blocks, slabs or boxes on the both sides of the blog. By using this term, I also intend to include animated gifts cracking off suddenly on the sides, social networking popping out from somewhere in the corners, mentions of fake awards and wins and all other things of this sort.

They are a big no-no and excluding them from you blog can make a big difference in the conversion rate. Avoid displaying junk and fluff by removing sidebars from your blog.

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