What’s in a blog name?

“What’s in a name, buddy? Success is a matter of luck and hard work.” Most people will say this when they are unable to think of a suitable name for their new venture.

They will put deep thoughts in planning and acting but when it comes to naming their blog, they are ready to compromise. Most bloggers are in a hurry and name their blog randomly.

I’m not sure about you but I feel and do it in a different fashion. In fact, how many times it has happened to me that I think of a name first and then plan out things.

I’m not saying that you should do the same way. What I mean to say is name matters a lot and is an important consideration especially when you’re thinking of establishing a unique identity.

Let us see why there is a lot in a name.

1. Branding

As the web is growing at an unbelievably fast pace, it’s important for bloggers to resort to every way and mean to stand apart from the crowd. An attractive and appropriate name not only creates a positive impression on visitors but it also drives more traffic to your blog. There is nothing new we do as bloggers but the only thing that can bring a difference is the way we do things.

Think of your favourite brands and imagine what makes you remember them. I bet it’s their name. With this, I also want to make it clear that a name may or may not have anything to do with the keywords. Does Starbucks have anything to do with coffee? I wonder what ‘Apple’ has to do with laptops and smart phones.

Of course, it takes time to build a brand but a name should be catchy, unique and easy to memorize.

2. Relevant Keywords

Guess what, if the name of your blog instantly gives an idea of what it is about, people will most likely to visit it just by looking at its name.

If you are totally convinced with the idea of naming your blog using a relevant keyword within your niche, make sure that it instantly passes on the same message to the visitors that you want to convey.

Let me list few of my favourite blogs that have made an excellent use of relevant keywords in their niche:

 3. Controlling Your Online Identity

The above mentioned are the two sides of the same coin. In the first case, the focus is entirely on building the brand instead of promoting just the keywords while in the second case, the prime purpose is to optimizing the name before building a brand.

However, the ultimate aim remains unchanged in both the cases- controlling your online identity and establishing as a brand.

I prefer to go by the first one most of the times. What’s your take on this? Share it with me. I’m interested in hearing how you chose the name of your blog.

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