Top 8 Blog Monetization Strategies That Work

So, you have a blog and want to make money from it, but how?  There are huge blog monetization strategies to implement and test for best, but these are the top 8 ways to make money from your blogging efforts.

When we create a blog, the first thing we think how to monetize a blog.  It is obvious that if you do hard work on your blog you make money, but unless you try any monetization strategy you wouldn’t.

1.         Create Own Products

Do you have something to provide personalized benefits to your readers?  If yes, that is your product.  Customize your products and sale it through your blog for money.  Your satisfied readers obviously would like to pay for it.  For example, ebook, video tutorials, PDFs, etc.

2.         Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a program run by Google for online publishers to make money with online content.  Information products are the best examples of it.  Depends on types of content and number of visitors, there is no limit to make money from your blog.  AdSense is one of the best blog monetization strategies that have been used frequently by almost every blogger.

3.         Services/Consultation/Coaching

Going local and providing appropriate services, consultations, and coaching.  It is the trust you create among your blog visitors.  See who are willing to pay for your personal guidance.

4.         Affiliate Programs

There are so many affiliate programs and networks out there.  You can promote their products either through review posts or banner ads.  Every time people make an action you get a commission for that.

5.         Direct Ad Sales

If your blog is having huge traffic on a consistent basis then you can offer sponsored ads on your blog.  Mode of payment could be either PPC or CPM.

6.         Paid Posts

These are the posts you create on your blog in order to promote else’s products and services and in return you get money for that.  The best examples of paid posts could be products review blogs.

7.         Job Boards

Job boards are the platform for employer and employee to meet together.  You can offer both to place a job and search a job.  It is the best passive income stream idea.

8.         Membership Programs

Membership programs run on so many different strategies.  But the one that would support your blog would be free content or something for free.  In order to get free stuff from you, visitors would provide you their personal information such as name, email, phone, gender, etc.  Later on, you can monetize these data through sending emails with certain offers.

What are your blog monetization strategies?  Share with people what are the ways of make money blogging that work better for any blog?


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