The Anatomy Of A Landing Page

Why landing page and what makes a good landing page?  The anatomy of a landing page is very much dependent on the goal.  In simple word, landing page is what you would like your visitors to land.  A perfect landing page is what forces visitors to leave their personal information.

Landing page has been extensively used these days by online marketers.  When someone clicks on the advertisements, they are redirected to a web page where they found trust, confidence, links to useful information, and most importantly a call-to-action form.

The task for marketers is to analyze the landing page anatomy and define its purposes.  There are so many factors involved creating a good landing page, but the success only comes with more and more testing.

Here, you would find the best possible anatomy of a landing page which you should also test with different formats as well as with different ad campaigns.

The Anatomy Of A Perfect Landing Page

1.         Logo

Who would like to ignore the logo?, Of course no one, neither marketers nor visitors.  Your first impression, trust into visitors, confidence building, increasing attention span all starts from right here.  A professional looking logo of a landing page converts more leads and sales.  Logo may not help in conversion, but definitely help in increasing average time spent on your landing page.

2.         Headline And Sub-Headline

These are the most important elements in the anatomy of a landing page.  A good headline always reinforces visitors to both grab the attention as well as click on ads.  These should be highly relevant to the visitors’ query.  You can dynamically change the copy of headline and sub-headline.  A “headline with most important key phrase” and “sub-headline with interesting emphasis” would work the best for any ad campaign or lead generation.

3.         Descriptive Ad Copy

Make the best use of descriptive ad copy in a few sentences focusing on mostly three elements:

What you do?

What you offer?

What benefits your visitors would have?

Your ad copy is an actual speech to a community, so make a good product presentation emphasizing on offers and benefits.

4.         Call-To-Action

It is the actual goal of any landing page.  What would happen if your visitors do not know what to do?  It must be tested and checked beforehand.  It can be used in a separate box though must be highly prominent on the page with different fonts and colors.

5.         Links To More Information

You should definitely provide a few links to more appropriate information.  It would help decreasing the bounce rate.  It is a process of confidence building and eligibility checkups for your visitors.  People do want to check the eligibility criteria such as age, gender, geographical location, education, financial status, etc.

6.         Testimonials

What your clients say?  Are there people who have already got the benefits from your products?  Use it to capture another leads.

7.         Videos And Webinars

Do you have these? if yes, must add into the landing page.  Your visitors want to explore even more from the landing page.


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