5 Tips To Accomplish Your Goals Through Call To Action

All bloggers and website owners have their own goals and expectations which they want to accomplish through their blog and website.  But many fail accomplishing their goals because lack of appropriate call to action on the site.  Here are my 5 Tips On How To Accomplish Your Goals Through Call To Action.

People Have Goals Of

Define your own goals that you want to accomplish through your website and tell loudly to let people know what are your goals?

More visitors means traffic to the site

Engaging visitors and holding visitors for a longer period of time

More subscribers to the posts and newsletters

More comments on the blog posts

More product sales

Building trust among visitors

How To Accomplish Your Goals Through Call To Action?

1.         My Goal Is More Visitors To The Site

There are two ways to get more visitors, one through search engines and second through referral.  But these two are the visitors you get through your SEO and website promotion efforts.  The magic is if you get returning visitors.

To get more returning visitors, you would have to set an appropriate call to action so that they will come to your site again and again.  But what would be that call to action?

Focus all issues related to your niche or to the topic of the blog.  Produce content related to every Small To Large Problem.  Put more effort on producing quality content as well as frequent content.

Put a sidebar widget of recent posts that will tell your visitors these are other posts which you should read.

This way you can accomplish your goals of more visitors as well as holding visitors for a long period of time on your website.

2.         My Goal Is To Have More Subscribers

If your goal is to have subscribers then obviously you would place an opt-in box.  But in order to have more subscribers, you would have to tell people why they should subscribe for your blog posts and newsletters.

3.         My Goal Is More Comments On The Blog

Comments always build confidence and trust.  Make this call to action at the end of every post.  Tell people why their comments are important and how you can utilize their comments.

Comments are the way of interaction, so don’t forget to reply any comments.  This way people will think commenting on your blog is meaningful.

4.         My Goal Is More Products Sale

Send people through a link to your sales page.  Explain well about the product and why to buy this product.  Focus on the benefits of a product.  You should also mention the cost and side effects of the products.  This would help accomplishes your goals of more sale.

5.         My Goal Is Building Trust Among Visitors

Create a well-detailed “About Page” on your site.  Use an “Author Bio” either at the end of posts or at the sidebar of the site.  Craft your author bio with a mix of both personal and professional details.  This way people will trust you and think, yes!, I can also do the same.

Hey ! I don’t know what your goal is but my goal is at least one comment from you, right now!!!


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