3 Tips To Write A Good Meta Description Of A Web Page

When you see the source view of any web page, you will see a few meta tags code just beneath the head tag of HTML.  These meta tags are meta descriptions and meta keywords.  Both meta tags are being used for search engine optimization purposes because with the help of these meta tags search engines easily identify the whole page.

In search engine result pages, what you see are one meta title of the pages and below there are a few descriptive sentences and actually that are the meta description of a page.

Why Meta Descriptions Are So Important?

Thus, meta descriptions help users to first understand that is this the result that they are looking for and then either to click or not.

So, it is not only important to rank first on the SERP, but it is equally important to ensure that people will click my site or not.

And that’s why, you should write the meta description of every web page in a manner that will help both search engines as well as users.

Ultimately, the goal is to write meta description and meta keywords for users because you want them to click the link of your site.

How Meta Description Looks Like?

When you “view source page” (make right click on the page and you will see an option of it) of any web page, you will land on the complete HTML code of that web page, scroll down and you will see like this:


“<title>Blogging mistakes you should avoid | All Out Digital</title>

<meta name=description content=”Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid so that it does not look unprofessional”/>”


3 Tips To Write A Good Meta Description Of A Web Page

1.         Include Your Primary Keyword:  While ranking the page, one of the SEO factors that search engines look are meta descriptions, so having primary keyword at least once (not more than two with variation) into it is the best advantage of this opportunity.

Tips:  Use your primary keywords at the beginning of the sentence.

2.         The Best Use Of 155 To 160 Characters:  It is your opportunity to describe the whole page in a few sentences (160 characters), though you can write more, but more than this wouldn’t display in results.

Tips:  Summary that includes the “title” of a web page along with the “sub-title” of the same web page.

3.         Call-to-action or interesting points:  Call-to-action entices and forces the users to click on the link.  Write something interesting that people would like to know more about.  Describe about your page like an opportunity that users cannot afford to ignore.

Tips:  Learn how to do things, read more about things, still having problems, tips to improve and get rid of, etc.


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