11 Pieces Of Data For Keywords Competitor Analysis

Keywords competitor analysis is the most important task for any online marketer.  If you are an SEO expert then you must be familiar with the importance of keywords competition.  Targeting low competitive keywords is the wise decision as it would give you more visibility and traffic organically through search engines.

Regardless of the quality of content and the quality of services that your site is providing, you would not get that much of audience until you keywords have quite a few low competitions.  Here are the 11 pieces of data that would enhance your keywords competitor analysis to a good level.

1.         Top 10 URLs:  You should look first the top 10 URLs as they are root domains or internal pages.  Usually root domains have high competition than internal pages.  For example, “www.domain.com vs. www.domain.com/keywords”.

2.         Titles:  The next step is to locate the titles of top 10 results as they contain the exact keywords or only a portion of keywords.  Again, exact keywords in title might be a bit difficult to beat.  You should look if there are sites with only a portion of your keywords in titles.

3.         Description:  It is another place to look for low competition as the top 10 sites are having keywords in their description tags.  If the site does not contain exact keywords in their description indicates for a low competition keywords.

4.         Meta keywords:  It would be another criteria to look among the top 10 search engine results as they contain the keywords in their meta tag keywords description.  If they do, you should avoid because they tend to represent high competition keywords.  But if they don’t, then obviously it would be nice to target the keywords.

5.         Page rank:  One of the most important factors in keywords competitor analysis any one can expect is the page rank of a web page.  Among the top 10 SERPs, the PR of web pages should be between 0 to 3.  If they are higher than that, you should avoid taking the risk.

6.         Site age:  Search engines provide more value to the older sites than newer sites.  Look if there are newer sites in the top 10 results.

7.         SEOmoz page links:  Backlinks from SEOmoz page tends to cause the high competition keywords.  If the top 10 sites do not have this backlink, it is good for your keywords.

8.         Edu links:  Again, backlinks from .edu sites is one of the top criteria of higher competition.

9.         Gov links:  Links back from .gov sites is also one of the tough factors indicating a high competition keyword.

10.       Yahoo directory links:  It is the most important thing which you should look before making any decision regarding your keywords.  These are the actual backlinks which are really tough to beat.  The top 10 sites should not have these links.

11.       DMOZ directory links:  For more advanced keywords competitor analysis, do not forget to look at the DMOZ directory links as it represents a very high competition of the keywords.


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