What Is The Direct Interaction Over Social Media Sites?

People often wonder about interaction over social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Interaction is all about engaging people and making communication.  To make an effective social media marketing, the approach of direct interaction is very much helpful.

You might wonder how to make interaction? and what to do to make communication?  My simple answer is to learn the process of interaction from virtual world.  In virtual world, you might have made so many friends, remember how you have made friends and how you are making interaction with them.

Direct And Indirect Interaction

As I have discussed in one of my post “blogging is an indirect interaction”, but the comments on blog are the part of direct interaction, although you do not know who have made comments.

Social media platform (Web 2.0) provides you opportunity to make direct interaction.  You can make friends, chat with them, learn with them, share with them, create a community and bla bla bla.

Top Tips On Making Direct Interaction Over Social Media Sites

Make More And More Friends

Depends on your purpose (like social media marketing for business or entertainment), you should make more and more friends and followers.  Friends and followers are the key of success.  Who do not like more audience?  Who do not want more customers?  That is the fundamental truth.

Visit Their Wall And Look What They Are Sharing

You would not have much more ideas unless you see your friend’s profile page (in Facebook “wall”).  See what they are sharing.  You can also grow up with lots of ideas about what to share to make interaction.

Just Say Your Friends Hi, Hello, And How Are You

It is the actual way of direct interaction.  When you say someone “hi, hello, or how are you”, people will definitely respond you and will notice you.

Share Jokes, Poems, Or Any Stuff That You Like

It is the continuation of direct interaction.  You might have found online stuffs that have attracted you, so why not to let your friend also become attracted towards that stuff.  Just share things that you found like jokes, poems, graphics, videos, podcasts, etc.

Hit The Like Button Of Other’s Pages And Comments

Again, this helps your profile visible on various communities.  When you like others then others will also like you.

Share Pictures That You Have Got Online Or Offline

Nothing problem whether the picture is yours or others, share any interesting pictures that you have found.  This process will certainly enhance your direct interaction over social media sites.

Share Web Pages

Share any web page that you have found informative and important to read.  You might have found other web pages that are very useful, why not to let others know about that web page.

What are the ways that you are using for direct interaction over social media websites?


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