What Does A Digital Marketing Coordinator Do?

Hope you liked my earlier post featuring Integrated Digital Marketing and how to set-up digital campaigns.

If you want to run your digital marketing efforts smoothly – you need right people on the job. Today we will try and understand what is the role of a Digital Marketing Coordinator.

If you run a start-up, you need a digital marketing coordinator who can help you get most out of the start-up phase. You might think “what does actually a digital marketing coordinator do? or what are the responsibilities and key roles of DM Coordinator?”

The success of whole exercises and efforts of integrated digital marketing depends on the coordinator.  Thus, of course in respect to indulge your business seriously into integrated marketing and make it really successful either you would have to understand and implement all things yourself or hire a coordinator or VA (virtual assistant).

The person who is trying to become a successful digital marketing manager or coordinator should be well versed with the role and responsibilities with proper job skills.  You can improve your ideas by understanding and learning below mentioned key roles of digital marketing manager.

The Primary Role Of A Digital Marketing Coordinator

1.         Should be able to work with both online and offline business partners

2.         Should be well versed in managing social media sites

3.         Should be able to help the audience development team with interaction techniques over social media sites

4.         Ability to develop Facebook Application

5.         Ability to deal with online PR (press release)

6.         Should be able to create and implement external media, clients and partners list, and partnership strategy

7.         Understanding subscriber acquisition and subscriber retention

8.         Goals of building bit subscribers list

9.         Able to support and work with existing partners

10.       Ability to drive brand awareness

11.       Ability to develop traffic generation strategy

12.       Ability to improve paid marketing efforts such as SEM (search engine marketing) and display advertising

13.       Should be well versed into optimize activities for both quantity of traffic and engagement or traffic as well as subscription acquisition

14.       Should be well versed with e-mail marketing and lead generation through email marketing

15.       Able to support creative teams such as content creation and content strategy for emails and blogs

16.       Should be able to coordinate with products (online and offline), membership strategies, and other internal teams to work together

17.       Should be able to improve yourself everyday with both online and offline tutorials as digital marketing strategies are always improving

It seems very lengthy to set-up an integrated digital marketing efforts, but it is very much important to follow all the steps correctly in respect of making successful DM campaigns.

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