Tips To Get Better Answers On Google Search Results

Are you tired of getting same results over and over on Google Search?  If yes, then this post is very useful for you.  Through this post, I would like to present some useful tips in case you would like to have appropriate and better answers of queries on Google search results.

Most of the tips are very useful for webmasters, Internet marketers, and content writers.  In either case, you will have better answers related to your queries.

1.         Use Of Exact Search

Put keywords in quotation.  For example, “search engine optimization”.  This would give you results that contain similar keyword phrase that you are searching for.  In this case, you would get all the results containing “search engine optimization”.

2.         Use Of Tilde (~) Sign

This tip is very useful for webmasters and content writer.  The results would provide you most similar or pertinent words related to your query.  Use tilde sign right before each keyword.  In case you would like to have synonym of a word, use this tip and you will have better results.  For example, “~social” and “~social ~media ~marketing”.

3.         Use Of Minus (-) Sign

Use minus sign right before the keyword that you would not want to show up in the results.  For example, you would like to search “social media” but do not want any results related to “marketing”, then use “social media –marketing”.  This would give you the results of social media but not the results of social media marketing.

4.         Use Of Filetype

Use “filetype:pdf content” in case you would like to have Google search results in form of PDF files related to the query of “content”.  In simple word, use this tip if you would like results in PDF for the term content.  You can use any filetype containing that three short character, for example, “doc” for Microsoft documents.

5.         Use Of

If you would like to navigate any particular site and would like to have result pages from the same website for a particular query then this tip can provide you better results.  For example, “ social media strategy” would give me all the results from website related to the query social media strategy.  This tip is useful for webmasters and Internet marketer in many ways.

6.         Use Of Plus (+) Sign

For example, the search query is “online and offline marketing”, the results would be either related to “online and offline marketing” or “online & offline marketing”.  If you would like all the results containing word “and” in the same style and format then use plus sign right before the word “and”.


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