The Roles Of Keywords In SEO

Keywords are actually the identity of the websites.  We do SEO of the website only because to be found by search engines for the words (keywords) being typed in search engine bar.  Keywords play the ROLE OF RELEVANCE that search engine robots have interpreted and translated.  Everything that has been done in SEO is totally based upon the keywords.  Thus keywords play the most important roles in SEO.

Why on-page SEO is more important than off-page SEO?  because on-page SEO is the game of keywords and keywords placement all over the website and web pages.  Keywords are the identity and brand of a website.

It should be noted that every page gets ranked by search engines based on the keywords being used in page title and page description.  So, it is the primary role of SEO to ensure that the most important keywords have been placed in the title as well as description and body of the page content.

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How To Determine Important SEO Keywords?

Both human and machine (Google Robots) identify the exact words that have been used frequently throughout the post (page).

Determine important SEO keywords through relevance:  Check for other possible (relevant) words that can best define your website or post.  What is the search volume of the keywords?  What is the competition of the keywords?  Tips – select less competitive keywords.

What Should Be The Keyword Density In A Well-Optimized Page?

Use keywords where it is necessary or what it comes naturally.  It is not good to forcefully add keywords so many times.  If the content is great, there is no need to focus on the keyword density.

Usually, a well-optimized page contains 2-5% of keywords density.  It means in a 500-word article, use of 10 to 25 times of keywords is well enough to drag attention of the Google robots as well as readers.

Is It Good To Stuff Multiple Keywords In A Single Post?

Obviously not, as I have already mentioned in one of my post multiple keywords replicate “little information of everything”, which is bad for both search engines and readers.

Multiple keywords would create confusion to search engines as to decide what query solves this page.  Use of one niche keyword in a page is the character of a well-optimized page.  This is what most successful bloggers and webmasters follow.

The above described roles of keywords in SEO are totally based upon practical evidence.  You should not just believe on me blindly.  You can improve your own thought, so just try and taste the SEO by yourself.


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