4 Live Examples Of Successful Niche Websites

So, you are pretty much familiar with niche websites marketing.  Niche marketing is also known as concentrated marketing.  Even though you are planning on starting out creating websites for any niche or already have started websites, it is priceless to see live examples of successful niche websites.  Questions never end.  It should be in the continuous form.  Every single step is important for creating a niche website that can make you money.

As we know an example worth a lot, thus I am trying to let my visitors that how practically it is possible to make a niche blogging business.

Thus, you might have some questions left on how to stuffs, for examples, How to find keyword rich domain for a niche website?, How to pick free wordpress theme for your niche website?, Which plugins help niche websites and how to install them? How to setup content for your niche website?, How to plan internal linking on niche websites?, etc.  Are you able to find 15 questions relevant to Niche Blogging or Niche Websites Marketing?

Through live examples, you would be able to analyze niche websites in your own way.  There is huge gap between theory and practical.  You can also better analyze your own website and match them.

It is amazing for me to see such examples of niche websites that are really making lots of money.  I would like to introduce you to Pat Flynn and Tyrone Shum.  It was really an accident to found their website named smart passive income.  Through niche site duel, they have done an extraordinary job, which I personally would say priceless.

They have made things so easy and have shared the real story in the journey of creating a niche website from Day 1 till the success up-to-date with earnings.  Here it is:  securityguardtraining.com and 3daydetox.com.

Example #1

SecurityGuardTrainingHQ.com:  The primary keyword for this site is “security guard training”.  You can see how keyword dense domain is.  You can search for how and why they have selected this keyword phrase, what is an exact search for the keyword phrase, and what is the competition for this keyword phrase.

Example #2

3DayDetox.com:  You can analyze how they have set up the content (Pages and Posts), most important pages, links over home page, internal linking, ads placement, logo, etc.

Example #3

Another great blog I have found on the topic niche website passive income at DormRoomCash.com.  Adam Snyder has presented a great example of niche website that they have developed CheapTileFlooring.com.

Example #4

A few months ago, I found a website named Niche Pursuits.  Spencer Haws is very kind in providing awesome tutorials over niche business.


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