21 Small Business Ideas For Students


Young entrepreneur at her stall

Young age is the best age to start your first brush with business. There are many small business ideas for students. I have listed some of them below.

Many students use summer vacations, regular holidays, or weekends to earn extra money. But it makes sense to think long term and start thinking about starting a business.

When you are just starting up – think about learning more than earning.

The experience you gain while you are young has more value than money you make.

You need not to be perfect when you start.

Start with assisting others who have been there and done that. It will make you learn practical side of running a business – really fast. You can also take help from a coach.

If you want to become good at managing projects – try becoming a virtual assistant. To gain expertise in online marketing – assist experienced – online marketing experts.

Aim for – personal growth + money + relationship. At least 2 of these, in whatever you start.

Understand that you do not need a lot of money to start a business.

Now time to check out a few small business ideas for students,

1.         Fashion designing

2.         Dance and music instructor

3.         Tour and travel planner

4.         First aid instructor

5.         Fitness instructor

6.         Home-made chocolates

7.         Art and craft creation

8.         Daycare and child care center

9.         Birthday planner

10.       Event management and event planner

11.       Mobile and computer repairing

12.       Data entry jobs

13.       Web designing and web development

14.       Content writing service

15.       Resume writing service

16.       Image consultant

17.       Personal coaching and tutoring service

18.       Dog sitting and pet care service

19.       Photography and video service

20.       Garment service

21.       Online marketing of products or services

So pick one that suits you. If the need be – take help and get started.

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