SEO As A Marketing Strategy

Two reasons why people failed creating SEO as a marketing strategy first “lack of total approach” and second “lack of patience”.  To get most out of SEO, businesses should be able to fulfill both the above-mentioned criteria.  SEO is a process of bring online traffic to a particular website and it can be done through both free as well as paid methods.

A mix approach of both free and paid SEO will bring both instant and long-term results.  It should be clear that paid process works for instant result, but you would have to pay every time to get result.

Free methods can’t give you instant result, but you will get long-term result and you will not have to pay again and again for the same effort.  My best advice would be to go with mix of them if you have patience and long-term business goals.

SEO Itself Requires A Marketing Strategy

Any doubt?  There are so many techniques involved with SEO.  Unfortunately, people get confused regarding which to follow and which not.  Sometimes, they initiate a few of the techniques and ended up losing efforts and time.  It is simply not a good marketing strategy.

You should take SEO as a total approach for website marketing.  Total approach does mean initiating all the techniques in a stepwise fashion.

Is blogging enough for SEO?  People often think yes, but blogging is only one technique of SEO.  Though it will give you good marketing benefit, but not total marketing benefit.  So, there should be a strategy of total SEO.

You should ensure your presence everywhere the traffic is, for example, blogging platform, organic search results, social media sites, forum websites, your own business communities, ecommerce websites, etc.

Create Successful Marketing Strategy Following SEO’s Best Practices

Below is my SEO checklist that you can follow to create your own marketing strategy to get the most SEO benefits.

1.         Great domain name:  If you are building a brand then of course you would have brand name in the domain, but if you don’t have any brand yet then it is recommended to put your “business keywords” in the domain.  For example, or

2.         Well-designed website:  Better look and feel of the website design is first impression among visitors.  Must include pages like “About Us”, “Contact Us” “Privacy Policy”, “Google SiteMap” etc.

3.         Proper on-page SEO:  Create a list of important keywords that your business represents.  Use keywords appropriately in titles, descriptions, and tags.  Don’t put unnecessary keywords and inappropriate keyword density.

4.         Create a blog:  Do regular blogging and update information, offers, news, events, FAQ, etc.

5.         Link building:  Links are counted as a vote.  Winners have maximum vote.  Getting links from authority websites will help much.  Links should be from variety of websites such as directories submission sites, social bookmarking sites, forum sites, blogging sites, etc.

6.         Social media profile:  Create strong profile over social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  Get involved in interaction over social media sites.

7.         PPC marketing:  Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising are the best to go for PPC marketing.  Test these strategies, if works well, do it.

In case you have any questions regarding creating a marketing strategy for SEO, we are happy to help.


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