Top Secrets of the Most Successful Blogs

“Wow, I wish I could create something like this! It’s so amazing.” said a friend of mine while going through a blog. She asked me I would help her start a blog on similar lines.

This prompted me to find out the top secrets of the most successful blogs. I started by picking out some the best blogs in various niches and exploring them. If not thousands, I must have gone hundreds of blogs in last few months.

I had zero knowledge about blogging a few months ago. But after considering a sea of blogs on internet, I can assure you that I have a descent understanding about what a good blog looks like, what content it should have and how frequently it should have posts.

So, based on my research, I’ve shortlisted the most common characteristics of successful blogs. Here in this article, I’m sharing with you the best kept secrets of the top blogs on internet.

1. Time investment

I suspected that most blogs focus on posting hundreds of posts every month. But to my surprise, their philosophy is to go slow and steady. Their success is not overnight; instead they have put in years to efforts to reach their current status.

Time plays a major role in determining the success of a blog. They maintained consistency and sincerity in publishing information. The key is not to generate numbers overnight but is to post in an amount that can be easily digested by the visitors. So, without doubt I should tell you not to look for overnight success if you are planning to start a blog or already have one.

2. Clear Purpose

The moment I went through their first post, I got an idea what they wanted to convey. Their purpose is excessively evident in all of their posts. Their logo and punch line state what their blog is about. Be it a personality development, technology, fashion, life education or news blog, the purpose and aim of the blog instantly become clear whoever lands on there.

3. Connection

Ability to connect with an audience is the most important factor that contributes to its popularity and success. The other day I visited a blog on ‘food habits in Italy’ which I made me feel like I’d actually entered an Italian café during lunch break and waiting for my turn to grab a cup of coffee and quick bite.

That feeling of connecting is great. The content was very simple but could stretch my imagination. Bloggers, whatever you write, try to establish a connection with your readers and make them actually feel like being in a state that you’re describing. This is the ultimate strategy to keep readers engaged.

4. Guest Post

Have you ever noticed that the most successful blogs invite posts from their guests? There is a proper procedure to register and submit content by the guests. It is then analyzed, edited, modified and posted on the blog with the names and details of the guest blogger.

This is the strategy to get more exposure and readers to your blog.

5. Networking

The top secret of the successful blogs is the way they network. They focus of building genuine and real connections. I suggest bloggers not to network just for the sake of personal gain. Over a period of time, they will willingly help you without you asking them. Show that you are trustworthy and are ready to help them anytime.

Blogging is fantastic and pays off in future if you put sincere efforts. Follow the above shared secrets to make it a big success.

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