What is a niche skill and how to use for professional growth

Niche skill is a skill required to accomplish a single task.

If you need to finish a project all by yourself, you need to possess various niche skills to finish different steps in the project.

To ensure that your projects are high quality – involve different people with niche skills.

Niche skills in online marketing

Take a project like promoting a business online.

There are several steps and hence different niche skills required to complete this project.

These niche skills can be –

  • Plan a website
  • Design and code a website
  • Content writing
  • Website promotion strategy
  • SEO
  • PPC Marketing
  • Social media marketing, etc.

These  niche skills can further be divided into several sub-niche skills.

For example, the sub-niche skills for SEO are On-page  optimization, OFF-page optimization, link building, social bookmarking, blog commenting, forum posting, etc.

Niche skills at workplace

Any workplace requires niche skills such as managing, marketing, executing, accounting, billing, financing, recruiting, etc.

You may be using one of these skills in your work.

It is a good idea to develop multiple niche skills if you want to grow and be able to switch roles at will.

To find out what your niche skills are – simply analyze what you are able to deliver. A task that you can do without taking help of others is definitely your own niche skill.

When you go deep inside a project, you will find different tasks and thus more sub-niche skills.

If you polish your niche skills – people will be willing to pay for it – more as you fine tune and develop niche skills to complement your existing niche skill/s.

So go on. Find your niche skills – practice and improve. Build more niche skills around it, and grow.

Please let others know about your own niche skill/s?

Feel free to share in comments.


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