Importance of Live Blogging in 2012- Engage Your Readers in Real Time

What would you prefer if there is an event related to your field- live coverage or the news after it has happened?

Those familiar with cut-throat competition in traditional blogging would know the significance of covering an event live over reporting it as the latest news.

Live blogging, if done right, can prove to be a precious resource for bloggers. In fact, it is the most sought after technique to engage readers and grow traffic continuously. However, it won’t take readers long to declare your blog full of junk if you’re unable to manage it properly.

What is Live Blogging?

Before we move further discussing what it takes, let us first understand what live blogging is.

In its simplest definition, it is a single and continuous blog post that provides live updates about a real-time activity. It allows bloggers to deliver fresh new content about a particular event and engage readers in real time.

Unfortunately, this amazing method of attracting more visitors is still underutilized. Nevertheless, even if some bloggers try to use this concept, most of the times audience is not provided with a great experience.

Since it requires a lot of ground preparation, bloggers need to implement the right strategy to make it a successful event on their blog.

Live Blogging Guide

With an aim to guide you through the process and utilize this technique to engage your readers, I’m going to provide you with some useful insights into live blogging. In this article, we will explore

  1. How to create in-the-moment content
  2. How to incorporate live blogging on your blog
  3. What benefits you can reap out using live blogging

Create In-the-Moment content

Live blogging is all about providing in-the-moment/live update that is relevant, precise and quick. It’s important to understand that readers are not looking to read essays. Keep a tab on how you collect, draft, present and distribute the information.

Try to wrap the update in one sentence or two maximum. As it is a continuous post, there is no room for lengthy updates. Besides this, don’t forget to air an introductory post prior to covering an event to inform your readers about it.

Incorporate Live Blogging on Your Blog

Your blog is the most obvious choice for the live updates. It will not only divert traffic on it but will also help you gain popularity. You may think of using your twitter, Tumblr or any other account but your own blog is the best place.

Share related blog posts, photos, videos and other important happenings with your readers. Make sure that you maintain consistency in updates while giving a touch of humor. This keeps them engaged and makes them feel light at the same time.

Benefits of Live Blogging

The overall aim of live blogging is to convert your blog visitors into loyal readers. Do not just look to increase traffic; rather focus on the consistency and quality of live updates.

Live blogging, if done carefully, makes your blog go-to place for every event-coverage. This will help you establish a positive image and credibility in your industry.

The most common misconception regarding live blogging is that it can only be used to cover sports events and running contests.  But you can also use it for product launches, fashion shows, live market research, weather conditions, seminars or any other activity that you are interested in.

If you have never utilized live blogging on your blog, do it right now and share your experiences with us. We’ll bring you more information on it addressing your issues and doubts.

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