Is It Ok To Use Pinging Tools To Update Search Engines About Your Content?

Yes of course, you should use pinging tools every time you create a new content to your site or blog.  Pinging the website and blog post will help in many ways such as fast indexing and more visitors.  WordPress provides a very good feature to their users to set a few pinging sites and let them as quickly as you update content to your site.

Pinging tools immediately notify search engines and search portals through a message from your site to let them know that there is a new content and come to crawl it.  Search engines robots and search portals crawlers are always eager to looking for new content.

Affilorama has made some valid points regarding pinging the website.  They have also presented a few examples of pinging tools.

As I have discussed, WordPress users can set up automatic pinging services from the path below mentioned:  From the WordPress dashboard go to settings then writing and then update services.  You will find a box there where you should just fill different pinging tools.

Relation Between Pinging Tools And Search Engines

There is mutual benefit relationship between pinging tools and search engines.  Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Technorati, etc. are always looking for new content so that they can provide better result in SERP for better user experience.

Though the major search engines themselves are using different strategies to find updated content, pinging tools help as a reminder.

There are other websites that love to add new websites and new web pages on their websites and thus taking the help of pinging tools to grab the data.

How Pinging Tools Provide Benefits To Your Content?

Fast index:  Pinging service providers let search engines know about your new content and search engines immediately crawl you website and thus immediately index your content.  Fast index simply means fast result on SERP.

Free traffic:  You will be surprised to see lots of new traffic from traffic source.  You will get visitors from different search engines, different search portals, and many blogs and websites.  These are the sites which have collected the data of new content.

Free backlinks:  You will be very lucky to have free backlinks too.  As other websites add you site, you will get links from them.  Bloggers are frequently adding other sites to their blogs and the reason is to make blog post user friendly and to get some link juice from authority sites.

A Few Examples Of Pinging Tools


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