Ideal Length Of A Blog Post – What And Why?

The ideal length of a blog post depends upon the nature and optimum questions related to the blog post title.  The nature could be anything related to the topic such as Passion, Problems, and Fears.  There is no hard and fast rule regarding the length of blog post.  Anywhere between 400 to 600 words is enough for optimum explanation.

An ideal blog post is what that covers every nook and corner.  The ideal goal should be to provide better user experiences.  From the reader points of view, all questions have been answered within the post.

Passion, Problem, and Fear

As I have discussed, the ideal goal should be to provide enough content related to every Nook and corner related to the post.  Usually, people are searching for three main reasons passion, problem, and fear.

If your blog post provides absolute solution of these three reasons then you should not worry about the length of the post.

You should touch all the passion involved, write about interests and attraction points for what they have been searching the topic.  Is there any problem related to the topic.

You goal should be to provide appropriate answers of all related questions.  And finally, fear factors based on the topic.

An ideal blog post also focuses on clearing doubts to pull reader’s hand one step upward.

Keep in mind these blogging basics, as you work on your post length.

Authoritative Blog Post?

Let’s say for an example, you have created a blog post with 500 words and there is another post with 2000 words.  A 2000-word post is more capable of delivering quality post than a 500-word post.  Obviously through 2000 words, the post can cover a more detailed story.

If you are writing posts for search engines like Google then you should care a bit for the length.  In this case Google would provide more weight to the 2000-word post because Google search engine would think that this post can provide better user experiences.

The Ideal Length For Different Kinds Of Blog Posts

There are so many different kinds of blog posts.  You must consider why you blog and for what you blog?  People often create blog posts (blogging) for business, AdSense websites, products review, news, magazines, tutorials, information, etc.

Here is a bit tricks to understand that neither Google nor readers would like to read posts that have answers in just one line or one paragraph.  An ideal blog post cannot be a single line post containing 50 words.  For that reason, there are tons of websites already available that provide questions and answers.

Ideal Length Of A Blog Post From An SEO Point Of View

Keywords and backlinks are very important for a blog post from SEO point of view.  If you are trying to use more related keywords and key phrases and if you would like to have more backlinks for your blog post, then the length of your blog post should be anywhere between 500 to 1000 words.

I usually try to make somewhere between 450 to 600 words in each of my post.  As I am now exceeding 500 words in this post, so I am going to close the chapter and recommend you to not think much about the length, just try to create useful post, and that is it.


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