How To Outrank Your Competition In SERPs Real Quick

It is a challenge I got yesterday by Mohit Pawar from  The challenge is How To Outrank Your Competition In SERPs Real Quick.  I have decided to point out a few things that play the crucial role in determining the rank of the posts and pages.  For example, how one backlink can lead you one rank up in SERP.

Would you like to see a real quick example?  Yes of course that is why you are reading this post and curious to know the action.

Let’s say my keyword is “Ranjan’s Internet Marketing Notebook”.  I have not created any post yet detailing the keyword phrase “above topic RIMN”.

Hey, I have not published online my IM Notebook yet, but no kidding it will be available online very soon.  This will be my real gift to all of my readers.

You will be surprised to see how I am doing things online, what is my daily work plan and why I am doing all things, my journey, my goal, my strategy, my investment, my skills, my special tutorials, how you can get benefit from me, etc.

Quick Competition Analysis For My Keyword

Analyze the nature of query:  What search engine’s robot will think, it’s neither a search for “Internet”, “Internet Marketing”, nor “Internet Marketing Notebook”, rather it’s a search for “Ranjan’s Internet Marketing Notebook”.  Is it helpful explanation?

I hope this post will rank well for the key phrase that I have targeted.  You can check after 3 to 4 days.  Must check in Google, Ranjan’s Internet Marketing Notebook !  Please notify me if you will find this post on SERP.

A Quick Look At Ranking Factors

Optimized titles:  Is the keyword in ranking page?

Page content:  Does ranking page contain keyword and is the whole website around same keyword?

Backlinks to page:  How many links the ranking page have? And how many are authority links such as Yahoo, DMOZ, .edu, or .gov?

Backlinks to domain:  How many links the domain have?

Page rank:  What is the Page Rank of the ranking page?

Root domain:  Is the ranking page home page or internal page?

Site age:  Is the site very old?

Weak websites:  Is the ranking page from weak website?  Visit to see, “Types of weak websites that you can easily outrank in SERP real quick”.

These are the factors that decide the ranking of a particular website.  You should improve all of the above factors to outrank your competition in SERPs.

If you already have a website or planning to have a big website then I would advise you to only focus on creating more and more quality content and building backlinks.

Again reminder Google this Ranjan’s Internet Marketing Notebook and see who is on top.  Please notify me via comments !


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  1. Dear Ranjan,

    Congrats! You are already ranking for this keyword phrase. Thanks for sharing these tips. I look forward to reading “Ranjan’s Internet Marketing Handbook” – once it is ready.

    It will be really exciting to see – if you create such an experiment for a keyword with higher competition and analyze the results.

    Good luck with all your efforts.


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