How To Organize Integrated Digital Marketing Efforts

Have you tasted the Juice Of Touchpoints?  If yes, then you have exactly got the Integrated Digital Marketing in your hand.  Today, each marketing campaign requires to be integrated.  In old days (just 10 to 15 years back), going digital itself was the big step towards integrated marketing.  Now, we are forced to take actions and maximize efforts towards Integrated Digital Marketing to get the most out of digital marketing campaigns.

People often have some sort of wrong concepts in their mind such as “integrated digital marketing can provide quick result (get rich soon)”.  I would say there cannot be an overnight success unless going viral in digital world.  Of course, it takes time (usually from 3 months “start-up phase” to 6 months “platform phase”.  You can read a great post about the life cycle of integrated digital marketing and the Juice Of Touchpoints.

Start-up Phase (Set-Up Phase)

1.         Assessing Touchpoints (the point of contact)

Your first step is to assess the different touchpoints where your business and your potential customers meet.  The success of all marketing exercises depends on the number of customers.

And, your customers are all over the world.  They all are having a different kind of connection with digital world.  Your task is to get a solid worksheet of that connection points.

For example, over Internet people often visit Google Search Engine, Yahoo Search Engine, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, different WebPages, etc.  Because your customers are all over these websites, you should secure your presence there beforehand.

2.         Creating Digital Media Infrastructure

Creating infrastructure is an extensive exercise which requires you to be creative and lucrative.  Your presence is needed where people are visiting digitally (assessing touchpoints).  You should have all the different kind of content such as strong social media profile, pictures, videos, podcasts, blogs, etc.

3.         Parallel Optimization

Instead working only on paid advertising (marketing), you should secure top positions through organic advertising (such as Google Search, Twitter Search, StumbleUpon search, Ezinearticle Search, etc.).

4.         Building Relationships

Your next step is to start a community over social media sites such as growing Facebook Fans and Likes, increasing Twitter Followers, increasing YouTube video views, etc.  It requires time to build a (strong) relationship and even more time in building relationships for brands.  Being patient and working consistent are the primary keys of creating strong relationships over social media sites.

5.         Developing Both Creative And Informative Content

Based upon the interest of traffic (customers), your task is to develop a strategy for your business content, such as information on the website, quality and quantity of videos, interesting and attention grabbing elements of content, etc.

6.         Analyzing Results (ROI)

Integrated digital marketing “start-up phase” usually takes 3 months for optimal growth.  Now, you should analyze the ROI.  Working more on stronger points is the key to success.

Platform Phase?

How to analyze the ROI? and get details on “platform phase” of integrated digital marketing, stay tuned with me.  Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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