How to Manage Multi-Author Blogs

“None of us is as smart as all of us”, said Ken Blanchard. I have figured this out personally and now think it to a great way to bring drastic change in the existing situations.

I have never been a fast writer which made it impossible for me pump out more than two articles daily. On the other hand, the readers’ base for my blog was quickly expanding. The lack of speed and the expansion in audience made me to hire other writers who could co-author my blog.

Choosing a good content writer is a hard task. You can read best practices for hiring the perfect content writer. Understand that it may take some time before you build your team of multiple authors.

I’ve recently figured out some benefits of having multiple authors

  1. More quality content for my blog
  2. Variation in content published
  3. Consistency in publishing the articles
  4. Increased audience
  5. More links

If you’re also struggling hard to feed your readers with the right kind of posts at the right time, inviting other writers to co-author your blog is a great idea.

Once you get many writers on board next important task is to learn how to manage multi-author blogs.

Managing Multi-Author Blogs

Learning how to manage multiple writers can help you greatly in turning your blog into a content marketing as well as social media marketing machine. There can be many matters that you may need to look into; however, in this article I’m going to talk only about the important ones.

1. Content Guidelines

So, finally you have shortlisted the writers who are going to work with you. What I would suggest you is mail them writing guidelines before they write. Make sure to

  • Focus on the main points
  • Give your writers an idea about what type of content you require
  • Include platform you are using for your blog
  • Inform writers about the structure and tone of the posts
  • Mention about inclusion of videos, audios and images

This would help you save time and give your writers an idea about what exactly you require and how a blog post should look.

2. Editing

This is where you need to observe caution. Carefully go through the blog posts from your writers and make changes wherever necessary. If it requires major editing, send back the post to the writer with editorial comments asking for a rework. Publish the articles only if you think that they are in sync with the theme and purpose of your blog.

3. Don’t Let your Resources Go

The success of your blog depends upon the quality that your writers generate in their articles. Don’t hesitate in making them a regular part of your team. You can also seek their help in managing your blog. Let them also edit the posts from beginners and pool in their suggestions and comments. Don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s the key to identify good writers.

I’m a great supporter of multi-authors blogging. Previously when I was the only contributor, my blog focused only on my thoughts. But now we try to cover a particular topic from different perspectives. All thanks to the co-authors of my blog.

You can also try this and share your experience with me. I’ll be glad to hear from you.


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