How To Make Sure That Any Change In Search Engine Algorithm Will Not Affect Ranking

Tips – Unique Out Of The World Content And Own Massive Platform

Search engines like Google are always trying to make significant changes in their algorithm to provide better user experiences.  The reason why you get different results on search engine at certain interval of time.  So the question is how to make sure that any change in search engine algorithm will not affect the ranking of your website?

Hey, I have a question for you, are you able to keep your traffic if there is no Google?, and, are you totally dependent on Google search engine?  You might answer “yes”, I too !

It is a different topic altogether.  Google is really the biggest source of traffic.  Thus, everyone wants to be on top on Google SERP.

A Few Brainstorming Questions To Secure Ranking Despite Any Change In Search Engine Algorithm

Your answer will make sure your ranking.

#          Can anyone else change your name, identity, personality, or skill?

#          Who will be on top position on the Google SERP if searched for keywords like “Facebook”, “YouTube”, American Express, Alexa, etc?

#          Is it possible that a website dealing with “internet marketing services” can be found on top of search engine for the query “online shoes” or “medical health practitioner”?

#          Are you aware of the term overly optimized?

#          Is it possible to outrank an authority site?

#          Are the content of a website matter for you as a reader?


Ensure These Things To Make Sure That You Will Not Be Affected By Any Change In Search Engine Algorithm

#          Optimize the root domain of your website.

#          Optimize your site for search engine.

#          Optimize website design.

#          Optimize the URL of your website.

#          Optimize the title and description of your website.

#          Make sure you have placed keywords appropriately in titles and descriptions.

#          Provide unique out of the world content.

#          Update your site with quality content frequently.

#          Do not publish or accept duplicate (copy) content.

#          Try to increase returning traffic.

#          Build authority website into your topic.

#          Increase Page Rank (PR) and backlinks of your website.

#          Get backlinks from highly authoritative websites such as Dmoz Directory, Yahoo Directory, GOV Directory, etc.

#          Restrict spam comments and spam links.

Things To Remember – What Search Engine Would Like?

If you ensure these criteria, you can’t lose your position.  Search engine always tries to improve the quality of results, so try to produce best quality content so that search engine would love to place you on the top even if Matt Cutts from Google comes to visit your website.  And, try to build own massive (highly authoritative) website.

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