Stuck in a Rut While Blogging? Master the Art of Engaging Your Audience!

Are you noticing a continuous drop in your blog visits?

Do you feel that the frequency of comments from your regular readers has decreased?

Despite writing great content on your blog, you may feel like you’re stuck in a rut at times. Your readers no longer seem to be interested in following your blog posts and commenting on them.

There may be many reasons behind this; may be your readers do not have time to comment, they were in a hurry when they visited your blog or your post didn’t interest them. But whatever the reason may be, you certainly are not looking to write, post and forget. You want to make it a place where readers come back time and again.

You must have applied several techniques to get traffic on your blog and know how to bring visitors. But what matters at the end is whether they stayed on to explore your blog or went back. If attracting visitors is the stepping stone, engaging your readers is the building block.

Master the Art of Engaging Your Audience

I have seen many blogs with little content having a burst of traffic. And what astonishes the most is their ranking on the first page of organic results on Google. More content on your blog doesn’t at all mean it will have a high traffic.

Well, according to me, it’s the art of engaging your audience that helps in building a great blog. Here I’m listing a few important things that have helped me engage my readers. You can give them a try this week and shortlist the most appropriate from among them for your blog.

1. Create a Compelling Post

A compelling read- especially one that makes a reader feel light and stretches their imagination- can be a great post. Besides, it should justify the headline of the post.

2. Use Short and Crisp Quotes

One or two-liners at the beginning or in the middle of the conversation can interest readers. If you can’t think of original ones, don’t hesitate in borrowing from the internet. Readers really enjoy funny quotes and often like to comment about what they liked the most.

3. Embed a Video

Although it is not always necessary to embed a video in your blog post but if you have included a short one, there is a high probability of generating more traffic. Actually, there are some visitors who prefer watching to reading. This way you can also try to engage even those who are not very fond of reading.

4. Ask a Question and Invite Comments

Instead of just writing your views, ask your readers a few interesting questions. Compel them to put the thinking cap on and write their responses. You may end up spending a long time in writing such a post but it’s worth all the effort and time you invest.

5. Make Sure to Reply

If someone leaves a comment on your post, thank them and take it as an opportunity to build up a continuous discussion. If by chance, you are online at that time, reply on the spot and try to engage them in a discussion right away.

6. Invite a Guest Post

Welcome those who want to post something on your blog. You can edit, format and proofread the post before publishing it. You never know how well a different topic written in different style can go with your readers.

All this has worked wonders for my writing. You also try them this week and let me know what works for you. I would be glad to discuss more.

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