How to Craft a Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Today customers have more choices. They also face a lot of messages bombarded from marketers.

To stand out – you need to (as cliched it may sound) – BE DIFFERENT.

You also need to be present where your customers are.

Now where you customers are? In 2012 – they are increasing being found in digital world.

So that is where your business need to be – in DIGITAL WORLD.

But launching your business in the digital world without a strategy is not going to take you far.

Before you learn how, let us take a look at why?


Do it because digital interface has potential to reduce your marketing costs, provide better ROI (return on investment), can motivate users to buy using immediate call-to-action.

If done right a chance it gives you a chance to move ahead of established players – even if you are just starting out.


Take time

Do not get into this in a hurried manner. Be thoughtful instead. I will give myself, a week or two – to know my customer, identify appropriate digital channels and creating content – before I get going.

For me, drawing a digital marketing strategy for a particular business would take minimum a week or two.  It means, you need to have proper understanding of the effective ways of digital marketing.  You need to have a proper analysis to finalize the cheapest and best strategy to work on.

Go where your customers are?

If they are on Facebook – plan for your strategy around that. If they are on Pinterest focus there. Do not go after all at one go. Add one channel after another slowly.

Give what your customers want?

[Customer flock this medium (online) because they get easier comparisons, plenty of customer reviews, ease of ordering etc.]

If you want to succeed give your customers above on your website (to the extent you can) – give your customer a comparison chart showcasing your and customer products.  If that is too much for you, let them compare your products.

Give them a better price (online) if you can.

Know what type of online traffic works best for your business?

All online visitors does not come equal.

Some will land on your website through a search engine, others will social channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon etc.). Visitors may also come to your website as a result of an online campaign (pay per click or a link on a partner website).

It is important to see what traffic converts (gets your take customer to take desired action) better for your business and focus more energy and dollars on that channel/s.

Play smart

It is very important to understand the market competition of a particular business (product).  A digital marketing strategist would not advise to a newer brand to go head-to-head with competition.

If you make a weight loss product then it is wiser to by pass highly competitive keywords like “Weight Loss” and craft your content around topics like “weight loss story” or “weight loss methods”.

Do not only focus on organic traffic but go for a mix of online advertising when you are just starting out.

Also use tactics like email marketing to engage your visitors.

Please understand, before drawing a digital marketing strategy for a particular business, you need to understand  your customers. Then focus your energies to get right kind of traffic, and use technique like email marketing to keep in touch and stay top of mind of your buyers.

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  1. Thanks. I liked it. Can you share step by step – process to create a digital marketing strategy in one of future posts?

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