How To Check For Plagiarism Online For Free?

It is pretty obvious that website needs lots of content to get higher position in the search engines.  Lots of people are just copying (plagiarism) other’s articles and claiming them as their own over the Internet.  There are several tools available to check for plagiarism online for free.  Plagiarism checker and Copyscape are the best free online tools to check for plagiarism free content and paper.

For those who are not yet aware of the term plagiarism, please see the actual meaning of it from Wikipedia.  Hope you understand the importance of plagiarism-free content for the web publication.  All the content writers and webmasters should ensure that they are having original content (not duplicate) even before publishing.

From dictionaries or Wikipedia, Plagiarism is defined as “wrongful appropriation” and “close imitation”.  Before Internet, people often tend to make copy of what their seniors were doing to avoid unnecessary invention or research.

But these days the meaning of plagiarism has been changed in different ways.  Internet provides lots of opportunities for everyone, but it is also fact that web runs with content.  How many people are able to produce original and unique content and how much content one can generate every day?

In the race of create more and more content and also in the race of making money online, people often try to copy content which are available online.  But it is important for online publishers and authors to make sure their content is original and unique.  Search engines love original and unique content.

Whenever search engines found duplicate content, they just penalize as worst content and not giving any value to that content.

It is also important to check for plagiarism especially when you are buying content from freelancers or outsourcing your content writing jobs.  In this case, you should hire a professional writer who is having some prior experiences.  A professional writer always does some research before writing and takes points from different articles and then creates original and unique articles in their own words.

You have two options while checking for plagiarism free content either you just check through your plain articles and papers (word documents) or through web page URL.

I prefer to check the papers (word documents) because it is a process to check for plagiarism before publishing.  And for this, plagiarism checker is the best free online tool available to check for duplicate content.

But you can also use Copyscape to check for plagiarism where you would provide the web page URL for which you would like to confirm as original or duplicate.  In any case, both tools will provide you exact result with the destination of original content.

It is the responsibility of content writers and webmasters to create and publish original and unique content to make good impression on both readers as well as search engines.

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