My Blogging Dilemma – How to blog when I Don’t Have Time, Resources To Blog

Is blogging easy or difficult?  People often say, blogging is neither easy nor difficult.  But, the fact is that it requires continuous efforts to make it successful, efforts in terms of both time and resources.

If you know blogging can help growing your business and you can make money from your blog, then definitely you need to have all specific resources and time to set up and run a blog.

I know I should have a blog, but don’t have time, resources, and probably I don’t know how to setup a successful blog.  What to do now if that is the case?

There are two options either I would have to outsource entire jobs related to my blogging or I would have to do things myself (from set-up a blog to run a blog).

What Does Mean By Time And Resources For Blogging?

Time and resources are what you invest on blogging.  Depends on the goal of blogging, you need to have at least 1 to 2 hours a day or 5 to 10 hours of time to run a successful blog.  The time I have mentioned does not necessarily fit for all kinds of blog and it varies with goals of blogging.

The basic tasks related to blogging are creating lots of content (articles) and building links (blog promotion) to keep visitors coming to your blog, and both are time consuming as well as require resources such as ideas, concentration, and strategies.

I Do Not Know How To Setup A Blog And How To Create Content?

Three years back when I started looking information about blogging, it was my biggest blogging dilemma that I was not able to setup a blog for myself.  I have hired a person nearby to do things for me such as domain registration and web hosting.

As grown in my blogging journey, I found some other problems too such as selection of best wordpress theme, useful plugins, content setup process, one-page SEO, internal link building structure, blog structure, website design, content creation, blog promotion (attracting visitors), etc.

These all were very challenging for me, but I was continuous in my effort and slowly able to learn and practice all things by myself.  Now, I am self sufficient to do each task related to blogging.  Is that your goal of blogging?

I Don’t Have Time To Learn And Practice How To Blog, Though I Need It For My Business

Then, I would advise you to hire a person who is expert in blogging or you can outsource your blogging job, people are eager out there to take your money.  There are many online platforms are available where you can find best outsourcing partners.

I personally use and, but you can go with also.  Before hiring outsourcing partners, you should be wise enough to identify the goal of blogging.

It is my personal experience that you should assign different tasks to different people, for example, you should hire one person for content development (writing) and one for SEO (link building).

I think this post has helped you understanding the blogging dilemma.  Still have questions or suggestions, please make a comment.


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