Why Not to Bombard Your Readers with Frequent Blog Posts?

One of the major questions that frequently pop up in every blogger’s mind is “how often to blog” or “What should be the ideal frequency for blog posts to keep readers stick for a long time?” Most bloggers look for the answer after making several futile attempts to rank high in search engines.

If you’re also struggling hard to search the answers to this question, I would suggest you to read further and decide for yourself.

What’s the Ideal posting Frequency?

The old advice is- blog daily whereas the most modern bloggers suggest to blog only a few times a week. However, I think slightly different.

I believe that the posting frequency depends upon the niche of the blog.  For example, a news blog needs to have a high rate of regularity than a life skills blog. Similarly, a technology blog needs to be updated more frequently than a personality development blog.

The reason being, news and technology change faster and you need to produce more than one blog per day to ensure that your content is not outdated. You need to supply your readers with frequent updates.

While in the other cases, you should try not to bombard your readers with frequent posts. Give them the time to obtain the information, chew, digest and take it for what it is and then finally move on with it. The mantra for the successful blogging!

Determine When to Publish

Unfortunately, most of the times, you end up supplying your readers with more content than they can actually consume! And slowly they start unsubscribing from your blog. Phew!!

Why this? The stats say, most people mentioned “too many posts” when asked the reason for unsubscribing from the blogs.

The idea is to feed them with the right amount of content at the right time. The blog posts should neither be too less nor too many.

Depending upon the niche of your blog, decide when you should publish. You are the best judge in this case because only you know what you want to achieve.

Quality vs. Quantity- What Wins?

“It’s better to have a few quality posts rather than filling your blog up with junk.” True, but I do not agree completely with the advice. Let me tell you why.

Quality is certainly the essence of successful blogging beyond any reason. But if you are a beginner trying to attract some visitors, quantity does matter.

Feed your blog with ample amount of food or else it will die. Initially, you can publish a new post everyday regardless of the niche of your blog until it makes a fairly decent amount. This gives an idea to your readers what your blog is all about.

After that you can take charge of the frequency of blog post. You can decide for yourself whether you want to do once a week or more. Remember, the whole idea of blogging is to keep your readers stick to your blog for a long time.

What’s your take on this? I would like to know what technique you use to determine the frequency of your blog posts.

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