History Of SEO

SEO has been developed after the birth of search engine.  Collecting data to create a detailed history of SEO is bit tricky.  For newbie webmasters and other people seeking the information about the history of SEO should just believe that it was just a few years ago when SEO originated.

But, the pace of development and improvement in algorithms has powered the SEO (search engine optimization) as an established industry as well as created opportunities for everyone to grow businesses and jobs through Internet.

The most realizable source about the history of SEO I have ever found is http://www.thehistoryofseo.com.  This platform provides the most reliable sequences and a brief history regarding the development of Internet and the origin of search engine.  Interviews of leaders from the industry and search guru are the best featured part of this site.

It is an assumption that in early 1990’s people have noticed that having a website and its increased visibility over Internet could be a great business source.  The increasing number of websites was the basic reason in the development of search engines.

Search engines made it easy to discover new websites.  From the huge number of data (websites), finding the most valuable resource (website) was really, really difficult.

You might also consider looking the development of Google and how it has been changing day by day.  Google is trying to ensure best search result, thus creating different algorithms to show better results for web searchers.

Contributors In The History Of SEO

The list of contributors could be very high.  Different leaders came up with different ideas over SEO from time-to-time.  Though many ideas have worked very nicely, a few went out dated too.  But the fact remains the same, leaders are leaders, no matter what they have contributed.

To name a few in the list of contributors of SEO (SEO gurus), Christine Churchill, Danny Sullivan, Michael Martin, Tonny Adam, Bruce Clay, etc.  I would recommend everyone to visit their interview pages.


You might correlate the relation between SEO and SEM.  You might also discover the history of SEM.  Over a period of time, SEO has become one of the best and cheapest methods of Internet marketing.  SEM fulfills the best practices of Internet marketing.

In old days, optimizing a website was very easy because there was very less competition.  As the competition grown over search engine, SEM took place to replace the SEO.

Paid Vs Organic SEO

The beauty of SEO is that anyone can do it with and without the use of money.  Obviously, paid SEO will provide your quick result, but not long-term result.  To get long-term result and stay there as a leader, one should go with the original ways of SEO to build business reputation among online visitors.


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