Still Following the Conventional Blogging Rules? Take a Look at Google Penguin Updates

Before you get smacked by Google Penguin update, it’s better to take a look at the latest round of updates to weed out the web content that is spammy and is of poor quality. There has been a lot of speculation about the effect of Google Penguin update on blogs. Most of the bloggers are happy being under the notion that their blogs are absolutely safe and will not be affected by any such updates.

But the fact is that Google is all set to recognize and penalize the duplicate content. Be aware, if you are still publishing copied content and following the old techniques to gain traffic. Google Penguin hates spam and is looking to tighten its grip on such web content.

Besides, it also aims to catch hard the popular blogging conventions that people have been using for ages. Simply put, it is going to spot and blacklist websites and blogs that defy its quality guidelines. Sooner or later, you blog can be declared as SPAM.

Let’s see what Google Penguin Targets

  • Spammy content
  • Unethical use of link schemes
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Poor content quality
  • Link to spam websites, blogs, comments

If you are planning to start your own blog or already have one, make sure to diligently go through the Penguin updates and SEO techniques that it out rightly discourages. It’s ideal to strictly adhere to the updates not to risk your blog in future.

Let us take a look on the popular blogging conventions that are under Google’s lens:

  • Guest Blogging: In my previous write-ups, I’ve been telling time and again that guest blogging is one of the best and most legitimate techniques to enhance the popularity of your blog and attract more visitors. It’s true but many bloggers are targeting only high PR sites through guest blogging which is quite difficult to digest for Penguin.

It does not at all bring down the value of guest blogging and the practice of link building through it but if it finds something fishy such as only high PR back links, it will certainly take an action against it.

  • Keyword Stuffing: Remember how desperately we used to stuff the articles and webs content with most searched keywords. Penguin now wants us to unlearn this technique. Quality of the content with the right density of keywords is what it loves the most. So, focus on delivering valuable and precise content only.
  • Comments Section: Of course, we would love to see as many comments flooding in on our blog posts. After all, it determines the loyalty of our readers.

Bloggers, make sure to check out where you get the comments from. Be vigilant and do not entertain anyone and everyone whoever praises your posts. Remove the posts and comments that you think are not genuine.

Before ending my article, I would advise you to go through the Penguin updates today only and help Google in its web cleaning initiative.

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