How to find a good consultant for your projects?

I love Seth Godin.

He writes well. He writes everyday.

He is a soloist.

Not everyone wants to be a soloist.

They want to build businesses.

Small – Big businesses.

You grow a business by doing work and taking guidance and that is when a consultant comes in picture.

Right consultant help you grow your business.

But there are also consultants who will make you take your money and never deliver.

To make sure that your consultant is taking action where and when she ought to, please keep following points in mind.

1. No more theories please.

Have heard the saying? “No More Theories Please.”

Beware of the consultant who presents theories, figures and graphs and never talks about deliverable.

A good consultant talks about action steps, numbers and deliverable and the logic behind each of her actions in brief (in a language) that a client is able to understand.

Theory may be good for schools but not when you are paying money for getting work done.

2. The worth of ideas.

Ideas are dime a dozen.

Good ideas are worth a lot.

But ideas are nothing unless implemented and tested – in case of a business.

When you consultant presents an idea or bunch of them – make sure that she also provides an action plan.

A good consultant works with a client in experimentation phase, and helps change plans when one proposed does not work.

Good consultants are always about hand-holding and guidance.

3. For money or passion?

People need money to put food on plate and to more to live a rich life.

Consultant are no different.

But make sure not to work with consultants – who care for money but are also passionate about area of work.

3. Happy working with you?

Work with people who are happy working with you.

Who are not afraid to call a spade a spade but someone who is respectful and appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

A quick checklist to wrap it up.

  • Do you feel that the consultant is hiding something from you and not giving full picture?
  • Is she able to find out your challenges and present an actionable solution – with clear timeline and deliverable?
  • Is she willing to go extra mile with you – and be there till you succeed?
Please do not be a finger pointer and for God’s sake do not be somebody who sits and just gives orders. Be appreciative of the work that you consultant is putting.
Provide relevant timely information – and project sign-offs- as needed.
Achieving success while working with a consultant needs effort from both sides. Do your bit and use ideas above to find and stick to the right one.

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