4 steps to take your blogging to next level

Publishing your ideas online has never been easier than it is now.

Blogging tools like WordPress makes publishing new content really easy.

Any one can blog – but how to blog so that you readers get value our of what you write and come back for more.

Happy to share my top blogging tips and ideas with you.

To make it easy to understand – I suggest that you follow these 4 steps – Research, Read, Write, and Share – to create a solid blog.

Follow these steps in the sequence shared above.

  1. First research the topic,
  2. Then read the topic,
  3. Next write in your own word on the topic,
  4. And very important – share with the world

Following the process in a correct way not only make your blogging easy but also help you in getting lots of ideas on topic and content.

1. Research the topic

I assume you already have a blog and have decided on a topic to blog.

If not, then decide on a topic that you can write about – on a regular basis.

Having done that, write down post ideas that are related to the topic you chose.

If your topic of choice about is education.

Then your post ideas can be,

– What does future of education look like?

– Top 5 educational institute with unconventional programs

– 5 ideas for higher education marketing

– How to attract the right talent for your institution

If you want to focus on online marketing then do a small search using Google Keyword Tool search for online marketing and see the related options that come up – these are your potential keywords.

Decide your 1st 10 blog post ideas and use search engines to find out articles on these topic.

Once you have topic in hand, create a list of keywords around research the existing content available on these topics.

It will help you get more ideas for keyword phrases, blog titles, and blog content – and also give you ideas what blog titles to use for your own posts.

Book all relevant content that you get – (and take a print out) – to read it later.

2. Read reference content as a reader.

This step will make sure that what you write has a unique angle.

Read the content that you selected during your research.

Make  a note of what is good about it and also what is missing.

This will help you write as a pro – and you will be able to produce authoritative, and actionable content.

Which in turn will help you gain trust of your readers.

Trust is paramount for blogging success. So to create a winning blog this step should not be missed.

3. Write like a pro, and ship.

To succeed as a blogger you need to know – how to write well.

After writing make sure that you publish what you write – with doubting too much – whether what you wrote is good or not. Let your readers decide.

4. Share 

As soon as you hit publish – share your content share on social media channels – where you have a presence.

If you wrote something very important, like a reference guide – then email your friends and fellow blogger to share and for their feedback.

Sharing on social media channels also help boost search engine ranking – so that is an added benefit.

Hope you find value in these ideas.


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